Ellie is a mysterious 12 year old girl created by frozen wreck-it ralph


Ellie has bushy shoulder-length hair. It is a light brown, almost blonde color. She wears fingerless biker gloves and a soft red hoodie. She also wears ripped denim shorts and black boots.


Ellie is full of life and wonder. She is always expirimenting and trying new things. She is tough, though and is quick to adapt to the sitiuation. She is also prepared for almost anything. Ellie knows how to hold a grudge. Her record is 6 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days. She is very very sassy, too. Ellie can quickly put up a wall when there is a testy subject and can avoid answering tricky questions, much to Dipper Pines and Rorie Oaks annoyance, because they have suspicions of her being a werewolf and ask her such questions.

Suspicious ActivityEdit

An animal has been going around Gravity Falls, terrorizing residents and causing damage. Dipper and Mabel decided to investigate and found light brown fur caught on some broken glass on a car. The fur color matched Ellie's hair color. That day, Dipper saw that her knee was cut. Dipper also found some foot prints leading from her back door. Ellie had told the Pines twins that her parents were always super busy with their jobs and rarly had any time for her, but Dipper, Mabel, nor the Oaks twins have never seen her parents at all. One night Mabel was having a sleepover with Candy, Grenda, and Rorie. Mabel invited Ellie to come, too, but she said that she was feeling sick. Dipper went to go sleep outside again, because of his sister and her friends' obnoxious singing, when he saw Ellie sneak out of the back of her house and into the woods. Dipper decided to follow her, but soon fell behind. Then he heard howls and the sickening thud of a deer. When he ran to the noise, he hid in the bushes and watched. The golden colored wolf slowly looked up, with deer's blood dripping from its mouth, and Dipper saw that it was wearing a ripped red hoodie. Dipper slowly backed out of the bushes and ran, stopping only when he was back inside the Mystery Shack. Dipper consults Rorie on his findings


Ellie is friends with both the Pines and Oaks twins. Dipper and Rorie think she is a werewolf, while Alex and Mabel do not. Dipper and Rorie are only concerned for their friend and want to help her.


  • Ellie owns a motorcycle
  • Her last name is a joke since she is suspected of being a werewolf
  • Since she wears a red hoodie, her friends call her "Red" short for "Little Red Riding Hood"