Sitting on the couch, Dipper flipped through the channels. Dipper confessed his feelings to Wendy. However, she let him down and said that they could be friends. While he knew that Wendy didn’t feel the same way and would never stop being friends with her, it didn’t make it go away.

“Hey Dipper,” Grunkle said from behind.

“Hey,” Dipper replied, looking at the TV screen.

Grunkle Stan frowned. He knew that look. The kid must’ve been rejected. What should he do? After all, he wasn’t the best at giving advice, especially when it comes to love.

The screen showed Ducktective waddling about.

Stanley arched an eyebrow. “You watch this?”

Dipper nodded. “Yup. Though, you do?”

“I’ve been watching it since the 80s. I’m surprised that this show is still going.”

“Same here. Then again, with that Ducktective regenerating every few seasons it’s no surprise.”

Stanley sat on the couch beside Dipper before the two of them watched the show together.

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