This is a page for different poems related to Gravity Falls.

Free Verse PoemsEdit

All I Want For SummerEdit

All I want for summer

Is for it to last longer

If only it could then

I wouldn't have to grow up

All I want for summer

Is for time to just stop

So I wouldn't have to worry

About the trouble up ahead

All I want for summer

Is for my brother to understand

I can't be alone,

No, not at all

All I want for summer

Is to be left alone

No one bother me

As I drown in misery

Oh, why do I have to grow up?

Why does my brother have to join Ford and leave me?

Why can't I just spread wings and fly to Never Land?

All I want for summer

Is it would a different ending

So my brother won't stay

And leave me by myself

All I want for summer

Is it to be a fairy tale

Oh, why can't it be a fairy tale?


All I wanted for summer

Was it would never end

Looks like I got my wish

But this isn't the end of the beginning I was hoping for




All around

Watching as their silly town falls to the ground



Spread over the whimpering flesh bags

As they try to hang their white flag

Oh, little Pine Tree

Why even bother?

Your sister's a goner

And I'm already far in the lead

Ol' Sixer doesn't know what he's talking about

After all, you're just a little pine sprout

Doesn't even know what your silly twin's capable of

He's lacking in love



It's been a billion years

You'd better get into gear



It's the end of the line

Don't you say it'll be fine

The end of world is closer than the end of the summer,

Isn't it a bummer

No 13th Birthday Parties,

Hey, growning up is optional

Puppet StringsEdit

Puppet Strings

Are what's holding me down

they're making me frown

they're making me drown

I have strings

And I can't get free

He says that's the only way for me

And I'm just a silly little Pine Tree

I'm held down by Puppet Strings

And it's changing me

I can't think straight any longer

But I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

I've got strings

And they're practically killing me

Ignore what I said before

someone please save me

I have some strings

And it's no fun

I'm tied up to everyone

They don't have any strings

But as you can see there's puppet strings on me

Reverse Falls: Boy in the MirrorEdit

Mirror, Mirror on the wall,

Tell me, am I really me at all?

There's a boy in my mirror,

who appears to be me

but he can't be

Even with the same messy brown hair

And same puny body

He looks like the me version of Gideon

with the sky blue suit

And the crystal blue eyes

His bangs are curled up

to the point where his birthmark is showing

He can't be me,

There's nothing of the original me I can see

The boy in my mirror

Is smiling his Cheshire cat smile

Back at me

There's a haunting boy in my mirror

Never goes, Never leaves

But lately it's less of him

And more of just the mirror

Am I turning into some kind of vampire?

He can't be me,

There's nothing of the actual me I can see

This has to be a mistake,

There's no more that I can take

Please tell me I'm not going insane

There's a boy in my mirror

But he's gone now

All that's left is his Cheshire cat smile

Haunting me everywhere I go

I think I'm gone for a while

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,

Tell me, is there anyway to save me now?


I want to trust you

I want to believe you're telling the truth

But I don't know what you're saying is true

And if I should just trust my brother

It was a delicate beginning rush

One big haul

The feeling you can know so much

Without knowing anything at all

Now that I can easily put my hand down

On this button I'm holding on to

And if I had known what I know now

I never would have been so carefree

I need to trust you

I need to give a second chance

I don't want to think you're a bad guy

But I don't know what to think anymore

It's getting closer to 0

With every argument from you and him

While I'm the victim

Of this fate of the world on my hands

I think I know what I'll do

I can't go back on what I'm about to do

I'm sorry, dear brother

Curious MindsEdit

he has no idea what he's getting himself into

he's going to be dead before the summer ends

i know, of course

and he thinks he's going to win

he's looking for things he won't find

besides, hasn't he heard of what becomes of curious minds?

he's playing with fire, you know

but he's ready to go, go, go

his sister on the other hand

is way more lovable

she may be apart of her brother's band

but she'll give up anything to save him

they won't get the best of me

they're not going to be that kind

it'll be all fun and games when somebody'll lose their mind

they won't stop me

what goes up is sure to go down

but they'll come around

and mine they'll be

Dear BrotherEdit

Dear Brother, please wake up

He's only telling you lies

Dear Brother, you can trust him

He's just a voice in your head

Dear Brother, forget about everything

It's driving you to pieces

Dear Brother, you're lost

He's not what he seems

Dear Brother, please let me help

You don't need his magic

Dear Brother, you need my help

Do you even know who you are anymore?

Dear Brother, when we were strong

Nothing went wrong

Dear Brother, it isn't no lie

And we're not going to die

Dear Brother, that devil on your shoulder

Is only making you mad

Dear Brother, please come back

And be my brother I used to have

Final CountdownEdit

The end is so near

You only have 13 hours to prepare

Hope you've taken care

And lost all your fear

12 hours you've got left

You'd better not be deaf

And you can't just say at the Northwest's

Because I'm the host of the party now

11 hours until the show begins

It's staring you and your silly twin

No need to think you'll win

You've already lost

9 hours until you regret

Ignoring the man who told you about the threat

Your life's in debt

And you can fret all you want, my pet

8 hours and the apocalypse starts

You'd better use your smarts

But you won't get away with this part

I'm already ahead

7 hours, you'd better hurry

It'll all be blurry

But don't worry

You'll be dead before you even realize

6 hours Gravity Falls is at its doom

It'll all go zoom

No more hiding in your room

It will just go boom

5 hours left to weep

Ill be haunting you in your sleep

You've got yourself in too deep

And now you're going to pay

4 hours and I'll be ruining your fun

You'd better run

I'll make sure you're the last one

And so I can watch you suffer until you're dead

3 hours and I'll be welcoming people to the show

It'll be one big blow

And I'll be victorious, you know

Always watching you, always watching

2 hours left, Pine Tree

This ain't no shopping spree

But dead you will be

And happy will I be

1 hour left, Nothing can save you now

You'd better say ciao

To everything you've ever known

Because I'll be destroying it all, one by one


The Apocalypse is coming

The end times are near

You'd better get into gear

And wish you'd hadn't come

Something's coming

Something you can't stop

There's only 21 hours left

And you ignored the man who tried to tell you

Pine Trees will burn

Shooting Stars will fall

Question Marks will exclaimed

And Llamas will die

I've got big plans coming

Your party can't last forever

Those agents' radar's going off

The portal's almost done

I told you a darkness will come

It'll change everything you care about

I told you I didn't need you getting in my way

And now my biggest plan has come

The end of the world is closer than the end of the summer,

Don't you know

I'm coming back to Gravity Falls

I told you I'd be back

The Apocalypse is coming

The happiest day for me

The day I've planned for

You don't know what you've gotten yourself into

Curiosity Killed the BoyEdit

Curiosity killed the Boy

It ripped and teared him apart

He was searching too hard for answers

Letting curiosity be his guide

Curiosity snapped the boy in two

Just like I thought he would

It shattered his mind and broke his bones

Taking all his determination with it

Curiosity got the best of the boy

It damaged his soul and toke his heart

Right after he lost his mind

And everything was tearing apart

They say it was an accident

That he in the wrong place at the wrong time

But his sister knew better

Even though she never said a thing

Curiosity murdered the Boy

That night so long ago

He was put into a coma

And never seen again

Curiosity killed that little boy

But I was blamed instead

They think I destroyed him

From head to toe

But it was so fun watching it all happen

Pine Trees are really easy to chop down

Once you know that

Curiosity can kill almost anything

And Pine Trees are the easiest ones

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