Funny descriptions for characters of Gravity Falls

Air Freshener Hat (Dipper)Edit

  • Awkward and sweaty
  • Lovable dork
  • Over-analyses everything
  • Will fight for their loved ones

Cotton Candy Heart (Mabel)Edit

  • Loves everyone
  • Doesn't want to grow up
  • Eats too much candy
  • Smarter than they seem

The Hot One (Wendy)Edit

  • Badass
  • Everyone loves them
  • Needs coffee and WiFi
  • Stressed 24/7

Foxy Grandpa (Stan)Edit

  • Likes to mock people
  • Hides their feelings
  • Low self-esteem
  • Actually cares about everyone

Underrated Angel (Soos)Edit

  • Watches anime
  • Spends too much time online
  • Heart of gold
  • Tries to fix things

Sixer (Ford)Edit

  • Old nerd
  • A walking meme
  • Big ego
  • Strong minded and determined

Overrated Angle (Bill Cipher)Edit

  • Screws everything up
  • Is really awful
  • Has never grown up
  • Likes playing tricks on people

Trash Marshmallow (Li'l Gideon)Edit

  • Theatre kid
  • Obsessive
  • Enjoys being mean
  • Trying to be a better person

Llama & The Diamonds (Pacifica)Edit

  • Is better than you
  • Misunderstood
  • Wears too much makeup
  • Does have a good heart

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