“What is this, Bro-Bro?” Mabel asked, staring at the strange set of cards.

“I’m not sure,” Dipper said, furrowing his brow.

The cards were covered with images of strange monsters and other creatures with strange point system on the bottom. Who would own something like this? What kind of game was this for? Everything about it seemed so odd.

Mabel snatched the card deck from his hand, looking at the pictures. “Yeah, the pictures look really pretty.”

Suddenly, sparks came from the cards, causing Mabel to drop them to the ground. Dipper put a hand in front of his sister as the two stared at it in horror.

When the sparked stopped, the twins heard a thunderous roar bellow behind them. Spinning his head around, he saw a giant blue dragon behind them. It was so huge it towards over some of the trees in the forest.

The dragon turned its head towards the two. Curious, Mabel started walking up to the dragon.

“Mabel don’t!” Dipper warned.

Despite her brother’s warnings, she walked up to the creature. The dragon stayed still before Mabel walked up to it, petting it. The dragon went down on all fours before Mabel climbed on top of its back.

Dipper blinked, dumbfounded. How was Mabel able to communicate with a dragon? Sure; Mabel loves animals and loved playing with them since she was little, but this was far different then a pig or a cat. Was she secretly a dragon tamer or something?

Mabel fixed her eyes on her brother, continuing to pet the dragon’s scales. "Dipper, don’t be a chicken. She’s nice.“

Dipper blinked at this. "She?”

“Yup,” Mabel said, petting her. “I want to name her Kisara. You like that?” He heard what seemed like a low growl come from the beast and she nodded. “I think that’s a yes. You want to pet her, Dipper?”

“Sure,” he said with a shrug.

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