"Dipper she is way too old for you" Mabel says "and she barely moved in to gravity falls"

"Hey i don't see whats so bad about giving her a rose" dipper says fetching the rose

"You don't even know her name" "Which is why I'm going to" he says offended

"This is like Wendy all over again " Mabel says shaking her head

" well I'm out" "just hopefully pacifica doesn't find out"

"Yup" Mabel replies

Dipper walks over to the new girls place and rings the door bell with the rose behind his back

A lady with short blonde hair opens the door wearing a apron

"Why hello there young man what can I do for you" she says sweetly

"Um hi is your daughter here"? "Which one I have two daughters sonny"

"Uhhh the one with the blue beanie"?

"Oh okay let me go fetch her for you" "Thanks"

The lady closes the door,after 10 seconds the door opens once more revealing a tall girl with short hair With red,brown at the top ,and blonde streaks on the tips

"Uh hi" she waves

"H-hi" Dipper replies nervously

"Can I ask what your name is"? She asks

"D-d-dipper" he responds stuttering "A-and yours"?

"The names Jackie" Woah he thinks to himself

"Well I just came by to welcome you to gravity falls" "heh"

"Aw well thank you man"

"No prob"

10 secs pass in silence

"Well nice meeting you bye" she closes the door halfway

"Wait"! Dipper stops the door with his foot

"Huh"? She looks down at him

"I also came to give you this"

He shows her the rose

"Wow" she stares at it taking the rose from his grip

"Thanks it really means a lot " "Really"? "Yeah" Jackie relies

"See ya around shorty " She closes the door

"See ya around" he says to himself walking back to the shack

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