Chapter 1Edit

It was 8:45pm, saturday evening on a Summer night at Gravity Falls, Orgeon. It was a beautiful night in the rual area where anything irregular happens. But where was our friends, the Pines family? Well, they were at the Mystery Shack, it was closing time, and Dipper was getting ready for bed, in his pajamas, which consisted of a San Fransisco 49ers shirt, and grey underwear. Mabel, on the other hand, is watching "Double Trouble" from Teen Titans GO!. And she was also eating a bowl of Ice Cream as well, much to Dipper's concern. "Are you sure you should be eating junk food before bed?" Dipper asked, out of concern. "You know what that does to you, Mabel." "I'll be fine, Dipper, I'm watching TV." Mabel said, confidently. "What are you watching, anyway?" Dipper asked again. "Garbage, there's nothing good on Cartoon Network anymore. Not even Nickelodeon." Mabel complained, citing that Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon isn't good as it used to be. "So why watch it?" Dipper asked once more. "Well, all the other shows are worse, and there's nothing to do." Mabel replied. Dipper gasped, then replied, "WHAT?! Nothing to do? You could watch Kelsey Grammer's Frasier! Go read a book! Listen to "Several Times"! Draw! Play with Waddles!" Mabel then said, "Well, Waddles and I have been publically humiliated by Pacifica at the Golf Course." Dipper then skeptically said, "Let me guess, she managed to get Waddles in and make you humiliated by getting you ran over by your own pig while you had another chance to get a whole game with 18 holes in 1?" Mabel then replied, "Yeah." She then sighed in angst. "Just be glad you have to deal with 1 Pacifica. 1 is bad enough, but an Army of Pacificas is 5 times worse." Dipper jokingly replied. Mabel was annoyed that Dipper brought up the thought of hundreds or thousands of Pacifica Northwest copies humiliating Mabel. "Shut up!" Mabel then said, angrily. Dipper then laughed as he ascended upstairs to his bed, Mabel groaned in annoyance with her brother. An a hour went by, and Mabel fell asleep on the couch, and she was sleeping ever so peacefully, and then, this is where we see her dream:

Mabel's Dream: It was a beautiful evening in the golf course, Mabel had the golf course to herself, not even Dipper was there, but don't be suprised that Dipper might be looking for her. Mabel was putt putting her way to a hole in one game. She laughed in happiness as she's one hole in 1 away from perfection. Mabel then said, "I can't wait to sink this in! Come on, Mabel, Waddles needs a new sweater!" She then swang her putt golf club, ever so slightly, and then she was about to tap the ball, but the she heard a similar laugh, startling her, then she swang at the ball too hard, knocking it out of the course. Mabel groaned in fury, and then said, "Who did that?" She turned around only to see someone she hated from the start of Summer, Pacifica Northwest. "Pacifica! What do you think you're doing here?!" Mabel said in anger. "Why else? I came by to show you that I'm better than you in anything." Pacifica said, stuck up as usual. She then took her club, and hit her golf ball into the hole. "Enjoy being 2nd all the time!" "Well, I have something that you don't have, my respect, one-dimensional bleach-blonde valley girl stereotype!" Mabel shouted, angrily. "What did you just say to her?" Another voice said, threateningly. Mabel gasped in horror, then she slowly turned around to see........Pacifica? "Wait! No! H-How can you be there and here?!" Mabel asked in fear. The original Pacifica walked by Mabel, and then replied, "Isn't it obvious? Your Grunkle Stan's archives accidentally fell into my parents' hands, in other words, a mystical duplication spell that he never knew about." The other Pacifica then said, "It's better than the Copier," The original and the copy both said simotaneously, "and when the clone makes contact with water, nothing bad happens to the clone." Mabel looked nervous, then she said, "Um, about that, I just remembered that Grunkle Stan wants me back at the Mystery Shack right now. So, good night!" She then attempted to run away from the 2 Pacificas, but then she tripped and fell, as she turned around to see what she tripped on, it was another golf club, held by another Pacifica! Mabel looked around the Mini Golf course, and saw more and more Pacifica clones, at least 84,948,403 clones of Pacifica were walking towards Mabel, menacingly holding a golf club while grinning sinisterly. Mabel started to get a clue about what was going to happen to her, she started to whimper like a dog. Mabel traumatizingly said, "So..................many....................Pacificas..........................Too..........many..............!" All the Pacifica clones said, "What's the matter, Mabel? Too popular for your taste?" All of the Pacifica clones darkly chuckled, and prepared to take swing of their clubs. In a desperate attempt, Mabel then said, "Hey look! Robert Pattenson!" All of the Pacifica clones looked around, excited by the name of the Vampire guy from a movie that must not be named. Mabel took this opertunity to run as fast as she could. The original Pacifica was unfazed. SHe then said, "That was a trap!" THen all the clones noticed. She then said, "Oh, no you don't! Seize her!" The all the clones said, "Yes, ma'am!" Every single clone ran after Mabel. Minutes later, Mabel ran to the nearest forest, then after a few moments she tripped and fell on a broken branch. Mabel got back up and looked around in fear. The last thing she ever wanted to deal with was an army of Pacificas. Mabel thought to herself, "Calm down, Mabel, the mystery shack shouldn't be far away, you should be home safely." "Where are you, Pines?" It was clear to Mabel that the clone army of Pacifica wasn't far away, so she got back up and started to run, but found herself surrounded by millions of Pacifica clones, waiting to strike the girl, chuckling darkly. The real Pacifica then said, "Sorry it had to end like this, Mabel. If you would've not humiliate me before, all of this could've been avoided and you wouldn't be dealing with this." Mabel then said, "So this is the thanks I get for giving you a ride?! The thanks I get for helping you out with your conflict with Flynn and Fletcher's sister?" Pacifica wittingly said, "Hey, look at it this way, when you're gone you could always haunt the Mystery Shack, it looks haunted enough as it is!" Mabel was just seconds away from Death, then, she saw the Mystery shack, and then started to run as fast as she could, breaking free of every grip of each clone, she made it to the door, she quickly opened the door, and entered the door, and she slammed it as she entered. Mabel ran upstairs, to her room, and she attempted to jump in her bed, she saw Pacifica there, smiling sinisterly. Mabel screamed in fear and then as all the Pacifica clones started to fill the room, she started to cower in fear. The original Pacifica then said, "Any last words?" Mabel was too frightened to say anything, so Pacifica then said, "That's what I thought!" Then, every Pacifica copy and the original started to evilly laugh as they took their swings at Mabel, beating her senseless.

Back to Reality: Mabel gasps in fear, waking up real quickly. She looked around to see that she wasn't surrounded by millions of clones of Pacifica Northwest at all, she was lying in the living room. "Note to self: never eat ice cream before bed." Mabel said, worriedly.

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