Do you know where the mailbox is?” Gideon asked from beside her.

“It’s somewhere around here,” Pacifica answered, racking her mind for the location. Ugh. Sometimes she swears that she’d lose her head if it wasn’t attached.

From the corner of her eye, saw a strange glint from a reflective surface of some kind. Turning her head, she saw a few small mirrors pinned to the trees.

Her stomach twisted into knots. Besides, why else would these be hanging in the middle of the woods like this? What were they doing here? Just what were they? What powers did they wield? They just left too many questions. By the look on her brothers face, he knew this as well.

“Pacifica Elise Northwest!” she heard her biological mother say. “The theme is lake-foam green, not sea foam green! Go change!”

Flicking her gaze towards one of the mirrors, she saw almost a mirror image of herself from when she was twelve, wearing a fancy dress like Mabel would wear. What the hell was this? Was this her mirror self?

“Paz,” Gideon said, voice shaken in fear.

Pacifica looked at her brother, who was ghostly pale. Fixing her eyes on the mirror her brother was looking at, she saw a shadow of person with huge hair, that reminded her of those bee hive hair cuts from the 50s, in a pitch black window. The bizarre part was, lighting up the person’s face, was a green glow like Dipper or Mabel when they wield the amulets.

Soon, the person in the reflection turned his head in their direction.

Not wanting to stick around for the person to attack them, the two bolted off towards the path. Once they were away, they

“W-What hell was that thing?” Gideon said, ghostly pale and still trying to breath normally.

“I’m not sure,” Pacifica replied, reeling from what it showed them.

“Yeah,” Gideon said, shaken. "I don’t want to look at that thing again. Seriously, how did that guy get his hair like that? I thought Hikari’s triangle hair was bad.“

"A lot of hair gel?” she mused, trying to get her mind off of the strange mirror.

Gideon laughed. “Pretty much.”

Though, she really did wonder…what the hell did she just witness? Was that girl her? Was the mirror trying to trick them? Was it a mirror version of herself like in one of those comics Robbie reads? Who the hell did her brother just see in the refection? Either way, she’d have to investigate this some more later.

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