"Jackie"! "Those shelves aren't going to stack themselves"!!

"Ugh yes Mr pines" Jackie rolls her eyes walking over to the shelves with a box of merchandise

"It's great that Jackie is working here"! Mabel exclaims

"Yeah gal"! Wendy agrees looking up from her magazine

"Yay wendy agrees"! "Do you dipper"? Mabel looks at dipper "Dipper"?

Mabel sees him gazing at Jackie, he sighs lovingly

"Dipper"!! "Huh wha"!? He exclaims frightened "Dude what is up with you"? Wendy asks putting her magazine down on the register

"Uhhh...nothing"? He says rubbing his arm

"Ohhhh isn't it obvious Wendy"? "he obviously has a thing for ja-" Dipper covers Mabel's mouth with his hand

"Yup its Jackie"

"Blaahh did you just lick my hand"? Dipper says disgusted

"Dipper if you go talk to her right now" "I'll pay you twenty bucks" wendy suggests

"What no way" "its quite obvious that me and Jackie are never going to work out" Dipper sighs "if only there was a way to decrease her age" " you don't have to date just go and talk to her man" Wendy says

" yeah bro bro why don't you help her stack the shelves"

" I guess I could" he says getting up from his seat

Before Dipper was about to walk over to Jackie Robbie walks through the gift shop door and goes over to her

"Sup Jackie" "Oh hey Robbie" "what's up"? She says putting the box down of merchandise "Just thought I'd check up on you" "Ohh when have you started wondering what I'm doing"? "Since I started realizing how cute you are" Robbie winks

Jackie giggles blushing Dipper glares at Robbie

"You are such a weirdo" Jackie says putting her hands on her hips gazing at him "Just being my self" Robbie gazes back

"Hey Robbie don't you have something better to do"? "Like getting better guitar lessons"? Dipper speaks up angrily

"What did you just say to me you little twerp"?

"Oh wait even better" "how about shopping for new super tight jeans"?

"Oh thats it"!! Robbie yells putting his hands in fists getting closer to dipper

"Hey how dare you try hit a child"! Jackie says mad

"Hey its not my fault he deserves a great lesson"

"Ugh get out of here Robbie"! Robbie walks out the door angrily

"Dipper I can't believe you said that stuff to him" "Well you know what they say always speak the truth" dipper says

Jackie giggles "huh" "guess you're right" "wanna go get some ice cream pal"? "My treat"

"Okay"!! Dipper says in excitement he was so close to screaming in happiness

"Have fun you two"! Mabel calls out as they walk out the door

Five mins later pacifica walks in

"Hey have you girls seen dipper"?

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