The sound of the alarm clock instantly interrupted Dipper's pleasant dream. He looked to see the date - it was the last day of summer. The day all the relationships he formed, the day that everything he found would be null and void. Dipper liked Gravity Falls because it gave him the chance to finally fit in, unlike at home. He just sighed got up and brushed his teeth. He looked up at the mirror

"I don't want to go.." He mumbled under his breath. "You don't have to Pine Tree." a random voice appeared before him, causing Dipper to scream and fumble back. "What do you want Bill?" Dipper was angry, but he didn't want to admit he was interested in what the triangle could offer. Bill has scammed him before, who's to say he wouldn't scam him now. The battle went back and forth in Dipper's mind until finally he gave up fighting.

"What do you want Bill?" He hastily replied in an angry tone. He wanted to stay, but what crazy thing would Bill do this time? "It's a surprise, Pine Tree. But don't worry they'll be no possessions, deaths, or slick things happening." He held out his hand, "so what do ya say Pine Tree." Dipper took a while to think about it, he really didn't want to leave.

"Fine!" He shook Bill's hand. There was a sudden flash of light. "Well, now that we've made the deal I guess I'll go ahead and tell you my end of the deal - the Northwests made a deal with me about 150 years ago. I promised them wealth in return for their eternal obedience. That's why they're so snobby, that's why they're thieves, but there's one Northwest that refuses to uphold that end of the deal. Ah yes, Llama. I need you to convince her to be bad again. I need you to convince her that she's nothing more than a snobby rich little girl."

Dipper screamed, he knew it all too well, he knew he couldn't trust Bill. The reason Bill waited to tell him was this - what reason is it to stay in Gravity Falls if you had to hurt the one thing that made you want to stay.

"I won't do your bidding." Dipper refused the offer. "Well fine Pine Tree, looks like I have to do it myself." With that Bill flew away, and Dipper knew this wasn't going to be good.

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