Chapter 1Edit

"Piedmont! All off for Piedmont!"

Dipper slowly opened his eyes to see a sign reading 'Piedmont' out the window. "Home." Dipper poked his sister. "Mabel, we're here."

Mabel mumbled to herself. "Yes I will marry you, Captain Muscle Chef."

"Mabeeeel." Dipper smiled as he shook her harder. "We're back."

Mabel opened her eyes. "We … We are?" She gazed around the empty bus that pulled into the bus station. "Well, are you ready?"

The kids sat up and took their belongings. "No, now let's go."

The kids and Waddles stepped out of the bus and walked around, looking for their beloved parents. It wasn't long before they found two adults holding a sign that reads 'Welcome Home'

"Dipper, Mabel!"

Seeing their parents in person filled the twins hearts with joy. "Mom, Dad!" Mabel rushed in and tackled the dad to the ground, which he predicted.


"Woah, settle down you raskle." Mabel's dad, who kept the family resemblance, gently set her down. "So I take it your fresh air in Gravity Falls did great for your young minds?"

"Oh you wouldn't believe it!" Mabel shouted. "Mark my words. Dipper and I have got to go back next summer."

"I knew you'll say that." Mrs. Pines said. A tall woman with black hair and few characteristic features of Mabel. "We're read all your letters …. Even about that second Grunkle?"

"Loooong Story." They turned their attention to their son, who hugged both of them. "It's great to see you again."

They all shared a traditional family hug. Until the parents noticed Waddles.

"…..Riiiiiiiiiight." Mrs. Pines took a deep breath. "We've already looked up everything about pigs. I think we'll be O.K. with him."

Mabel pressed her cheeks together with glee, causing them to have a gentle laugh.

"Hey Dipper, where'd you get the lumberjack hat?" Dipper paused when his dad asked. "Heard you lost the first cap and got a blue and white one with a pine tree on it."

"Oh this?" Dipper jester to the hat Wendy gave him. "Well it's a goodbye gift from … from…"

"A Giiiiiiirrrrrrrllllllllllllllll!"

Mr. and Mrs. Pines gasped playfully, causing Dipper to panic.

"Mabel, shut up about Wendy!"

"Wendy, eh?"

Dipper froze again. "Well she's technically a teen. I'm too old for her, I mean she's too young for Wendy, I mean."

"Teen?" Mrs. Pines asked. "Wait, I remember her. Mabel mentioned a Wendy. Tall, red hair, and freckles." She leaned down to Dipper, giving him an 'I'm embarrassing you for fun' look. "Super awesome."

Dipper pulled the hat down to block his face.

"You're growing up." His father patted him on the head. "Come on, we have dinner planned already."

They loaded all of the kids' luggage into the car and drove off. During the ride, Mabel and Dipper looked around the familiar landmarks such as the park, school, mall, and even a broken stop sign that Mabel named Bob.

Seeing their suburban home for after almost three months made the kids feel right at home, yet still different than how they feel in Gravity Falls. Mabel rushed out and immediately rolled in the grass with Waddles. "Get used to this, Waddles. This is your new home."

The parents opened the doors and the kids looked around. Same old furniture, same old walls, same old smell. All giving off a welcome aura.

The kids dropped their bags and sat on the couch. "Wow, just wow." Dipper made himself comfortable as he gazed around the room. Then a familiar looking cat walked by.

"Snake Eyes!" Mabel hopped off and hugged the cat. "I forgot you existed! I wonder why?"

Snake Eyes then noticed Waddles. The two animals circled around each other, ready to attack.

"No no no!" Mabel's worries died when Waddles just lay down and Snake Eyes gently sat on top of him and the two took a nap together. "Awwwwww." Mabel snapped a picture and placed it in her photo album. "Can't wait to make more memories of the future!"

"Hey, did you get any good pictures from Gravity Falls?" Their parents sat next to them and their kids were very happy to tell them all their adventures, minus the dangerous paranormal stuff. They all laughed at some moments like when Soos got caught in a manhole, Stan chasing after money, and Manly Dan eating a rock.

After looking through Mabel's Summer Romance fails (which Mr. Pines wasn't a fan of), Mrs. Pines noticed a picture of someone that looks like Grunkle Stanford, but different. "Weird, your uncle looks different in this photo. As if he could be a twwwwwwiiiiii-" Mrs. Pines trailed off when she and Mr. Pines noticed two Stans in one photo.

"See, I told you!" Mabel smiled as Dipper looked worried.

"Heh, it's a reeeeeaaally long story." Dipper softly laughed, hoping for the best.

Their parents gave each other one long confused look, trying to wrap their heads in all of this. "I …. I think I'll give Uncle Stan a call about this." Mr. Pines sat up and walked to the nearest phone.

The twins and Mrs. Pines listened carefully as Mr. Pines spoke.

"Hi Uncle Stan …. Yes they got here safely ….. yeah, we're O.K. with Waddles. I just want to ask you about this second uncle of mine …. You're not Stanford? You're Stanley? And he's Stanford ….. Put him on line please … Uncle Stanford?"

The conversation went on and on as Mr. Pines asked about the portal, Stanford's research, and his grandparents.

"Grandpa threw him out just like that? Wow …. But you two are on good grounds, right? ….. That's nice to hear ….. really? Well I'll call you later …. Yeah, that's a good idea. Bye Uncle Ford, bye Uncle Stan."

Mr. Pines turned to his family. "Well I just learned a deep secret to my family. I think I'll stare at wall and rethink everything."

"He told you about the paranormal stuff?" Mabel asked, which she received odd stares from her parents, and a furious one from Dipper.

"If you mean that portal, then yes."

"That Portal?!" Mrs. Pines shook her head. "Kids, why don't you check out your rooms, we'll start dinner and talk about this privately."

Feeling that anything they might mention could ruin their chances of returning to Gravity Falls, the twins picked up their things and head toward their individual room.

Mabel looked around her over-the-top Mabel room. With arts and crafts on one side, posters of cute animals and boys, along with a bed with stuffed animals around. She smiled and greeted all her stuffed animals and buttons lying around. She jumped onto her bed and forgotten how soft it was.

Waddles and Snake Eyes walked in and jumped right on her bed.

"Come here, cuties!" She hugged the two adorable animals. "Welcome home."

Dipper was lying silently in his bed. His room was very simple looking. He did have his own book case and desk, and a few paranormal related posters were hung on his bed. He also a telescope next to a chemistry set. But nowhere near as crazy as Mabel's room.

He couldn't help but worry what his parents will say about Gravity Falls. They'll probably think this was all too crazy and all the times he almost died. He was shocked in general that no one mentioned Weirdmageddon on the news or any newspapers. He knows it was near the end of summer so tourists were dying down, but at least someone would have notice a giant dome containing the apocalypse in the middle of the forest.

He dug through his bag and took out a few photos of everyone from Gravity Falls, even one of him and Wendy.

"Kids, Dinner!"

Feeling their stomachs growling, they rushed downstairs and all sat together at the kitchen table. "Mmmm, worms and blood!" Mabel smiled at her mother's special plate of spaghetti; that she nicknamed herself.

Just the sweet smell of it made them realize just how much better cooks their parents are compared to Grunkle Stan.

Despite the wonderful dinner, the atmosphere felt quite. An awkward silent surrounds everyone until Mrs. Pines spoke.


Dipper and Mabel looked at them, feeling dreadful.

"Your father and I talked about both your Grunkles." Seeing the worried look on their kids, she smiled. "We won't be stopping you from going back to Gravity Falls."

The kids looked at them with disbelief. "R-really?"

"Right." Mr. Pines patted the kids head. "Grunkle Ford sounds like a nice guy. He said there's no need to worry about that portal, and we'll talk to them more about coming to Thanksgiving when they come back on their research trip. Which reminds me, we'll going to Gravity Falls for Thanksgiving!"

Dipper and Mabel jumped with joy. "Yes, yes! You hear that Grenda and Candy. I will be back next summer!" Mabel gasped. "And Thanksgiving too! I have to find the best recipes."

Dipper was just as happy as his crazy sister was. "For a moment I thought you wouldn't let us go back! I can still hang out with Grunkle Ford and learn his research, hang out with Soos, and spend time with Wendy."

"Of course you'll say that." Mabel boop Dipper's nose. "We are getting a girlfriend at school. One your own age!"

Everyone laughed together as they enjoyed dessert and talked more about Gravity Falls.

Bedtime finally arrived and Mabel was tucked in her own bed. She said good night to all her plushies, to Waddles and Snake Eyes; and finally, "Good night, Dipper!"

Hearing no response, Mabel realized they weren't sharing a room any longer. "Right….."

A knock was heard and in came Dipper with a sleeping bag. "Mabel, wanna have a sleepover?"

Mabel smiled brightly. "I got the mini-golf set!"

The two enjoyed the night playing golf in their own home. After everything that happened in Gravity Falls, they can still see a bright light into the future.

Chapter 2Edit

Seeing the bus driving off with what was without a doubt the best thing to have happened to the sleepy town in the forest, the small goodbye party slowly stopped their waves.

“Well, there they go.” Stanley Pines said. He looked at his new sweater and held back a few tears. “I guess I’ll see you all tomorrow.” He smiled at Soos and wrapped an arm around his neck. “I gotta teach this guy how to be the best darn con-artist and business man he can be!”

Soos wrapped the old man with his big arms. “I won’t fail you, Mr. Pines! But the Good Book forbids con-arting.”

“Never heard of it.”

Ford lightly laughed. “And I have to prepare my expedition to the ocean. I’ll be down in the lab if you need me.”

“And we must prepare for school this Monday.” Candy said as Grenda nodded.

“We need all the pencils we can get!” shouted Grenda. “Mabel left enough notebooks! Let’s get them now.”

“Oh no…” Wendy’s pupils shrank. “School’s Monday. And I haven’t slept enough from the end of the world …… It’s on a Monday!” She felt dazed and stumbled a bit. “I think … I think I’m gonna hurl.”

“Wendy! Wendy! Wendy!”

Shouted Wendy’s friends who just came in, hoping to see Wendy puke party style.

“…… Did we miss them?” Thompson asked as the others looked around.

“Yeah …. Where the heck were you guys?” Wendy’s mind slowly turned to normal, irritated they weren’t here for the Twins goodbye.

“We stop to get some awesome pics for NoLifeBook.” Tambry showed several images of mystical creatures on her phone.

“We are gonna get so much likes!” Robbie shouted. “All by this little devil of my.”

“Aw, Robbiekins.”

The rest of them acted disgusted when the couple rubbed noses.

“I dodged a bullet on that one.” Nate said, right before Lee punched him in the arm.

“You would be doing the same thing, man!” Lee said as the two wrestled each other.

Robbie soon realized that the Twins were gone. “Well it’s actually a bummer. Mabel did get us together.” He held Tambry gently. “Dipper ….. yeah. I mean he ruined my thing with Wendy, but now I’m more …happy? With Tambry by my side……. The word’s happy, Right?”

Tambry actually had to search the word ‘happy’ online to confirm it. “Yep.”

“Kids these days.” Stan sighed. “You’re never gonna get arms these big with just fingers!”

Robbie rubbed his chin. “So should I be apologizing to the kid?”

Wendy thought back about that night where Dipper revealed the secret message in Robbie’s song, which Robbie admitted he didn’t really write it at all. She also quickly remembered Dipper pushing her without realizing what he was doing, but she did forgive him the next day.

“Robbie, I was meaning to ask you. Since you didn’t write that song, where did you get it from?”

Robbie scratched his head, regretting that moment. “I think I told you. I ripped it off from some other band online.”

“Well that can be considered foreshadowing.” Ford pondered. “But not today!”

“Shoot!” Robbie shouted. “I should have said that to the God of Death after surviving that Dollar Bill guy.”

Nate and Lee stopped their little game. “Yeah, if it weren’t for you guys, we would still be statues. This place is gonna really stink now that Mabel and Dr. Fun Times are gone.” Nate said.

“I think it already stinks!” said Lee. “I say we make this place more awesome by having those fairy tale guys come visit us more often. That will make life awesome-er until next Summer.”

“Reeeally bad idea.” Ford said. “There are countless of unidentified creatures in Gravity Falls. They can have the ability to destroy us in seconds.”

“Oh booooo!” shouted the teens.

“We’ll show you Mr. Other Pines.” shouted Thompson.

“Yeah, Thompson. You get some new monster friends.” said Nate.

“Thompson,Thompson, Thompson!”

“Hold on guys.” Wendy spoke. “I think we should take it easy. School’s this Monday.”

The teens froze from those words. “….S….s….sch…!”

“ON MONDAY!?” Thompson held his legs close and rocked himself. “Can’t take this anymore. Can’t take this anymore!”

“Actually, there is something cool about this.” Wendy said. “I just helped save the world from a demon. I’ll probably be like the boss of all the other teens!”

“But Wendy, you’re already the most popular girl in school.” Tambry said. “You practically dated every guy.”

“Right, and I’m so glad I’m not the snooty stereotype.” Wendy swiped some fake sweat off her forehead. “My point is that no one will hate us …… by highschool standards.”

“Yeah.” Robbie cracked his knuckles. “And if anyone tries messing with us, they’ll have another thing coming.”

“Dude, no offense.” Wendy said. “But you’ve never won in a fight. Once.”

Robbie looked at his arms. “Well I guess I have to pump some more iron.”

“I’ll support that.” Tambry said as they all shared a laugh, which died down quickly by the bleak reminder of school.

“I think we’re going back home and hope school doesn’t suck.” Wendy said as the teens left. “And don’t forget to give me Dipper and Mabel’s emails when they sent them.”

As they head back, Lee noticed a slight different in Wendy’s wardrobe. “Are you wearing Dipper’s hat?”

Wendy checked her new cap. “Yep, I swapped hats with Dipper before they left. Something to remember me by.”


The teens looked to their side to see some Gnomes gushing. “……..would any of you two fine women want to be our Gnome Queen?”

Robbie then kicked one of them like a football, which scattered the rest in fear.

“That’s my man!” Tambry pecked Robbie on the cheek. She looked back at Wendy observing Dipper’s hat. “You know, you spend a lot of time with Dipper this summer. More than with us.”

Wendy smiled. “Why not? He’s practically like my best friend.”

“That had a crush on you.” Robbie said, which caused the others to snicker.

“Oooooow. Doctor Fun Times has the hots for Wendy!” Nate joked around.

“Guys.” Wendy blushed. “I know that, but he’s still awesome. Besides, after he accidently confessed out loud, I let him down easily. Hurting his feelings is the last thing I want to do.” Wendy chuckled. “Last I heard about him and girls, he took Stan’s advice on flirting. Didn’t work out well.”

“Tsk Tsk.” Nate said. “He should have asked us for advice.”

“But we only know how to date teenagers our age, Nate.” Lee said. “Too bad Dipper and Mabel weren’t our age. We could have had more teenage action with huge consequences.” The two high-fived each other as Tambry thought of something.

“Hey Wendy. If Dipper was the same age as you, would you date him?”

Wendy froze in her track. Her face turned pink as everyone eagerly looked at her. “Uhhhhh ….. hey look! A gremlin, goblin thing!” Wendy pointed at a Gremloblin, looking at a photo of another Gremloblin wearing glasses. “Come on, Thompson, pet it.”

“Thompson, Thompson, Thompson!”

As Thompson slowly approached the creature as everyone cheered him on, Wendy stepped back and stared deeply upon Dipper’s hat, with all the small patches that were sowed from all the adventures he shared with everyone, including her.

“Wonder what Mabel would look like two years from now?” Nate randomly spoke.

Chapter 3Edit

“Welcome to the Mystery Shack!” Stanley Pines posed at all the attractions. “Home of mysteries and excitement! Would you dare enter and explore the vast exhibits of this alluring and paranormal town?”

“Uh, Mr. Pines. I already work here.” Soos spoke as Ford made his way to the house.

“Yes! I knew that.” Stanley showed Soos to his office. “Now we only have a week until Dexter and I leave for adventure. So I’m turning you into a younger version of me. A clear criminal record of me.”

Soos squealed to himself. “What’s the first lesson?”

Stan took out some charts. “Just to get this out of the way. I’ll teach you all the math that no one realizes an employer does. Which if they do know about, employees will complain less to their bosses about money. Now lesson one.”

Hours later

“Wow. Did not expect you to master that kind of math this fast.” Stan looked at a perfect calculation of profits, spends, losses, etc.

“I’ve been studying business management for years.” Soos said.

“Impressive.” Stan smiled, feeling proud for Soos. “Well that takes care of the boring parts.” Stan toss the sheets away. “Now the next step is-”

The phone suddenly rang.

“Oh, hold on.” Stan quickly answered. “Hello, Mystery Shack! …… Oh, hey nephew of mine who has a name. Did the kids get home safe? …….. Are you good with the pig? …… Great! Mabel really love that pig ……. Yeah. The Second uncle. Well to tell you the truth I’m not really Stanford. That will be my brother who was sucked into a portal for thirty years because we were fighting like children. I’m Stanley. ……… It’s complicated…….. Hey Ford, get over here! You have to explain a lot to the kids’ dad!”

Ford picked up the phone to explain the whole situation to Mr. Pines.

“Soos, I’ll get back to you later. I have to tell that story again.”

So Soos went to the gift shop to wait of Stanley. As he waits, he looked around the store, coming up with ideas. “If I was a postcard stand; I should be happier here. But those bobble heads are always bobbleing. But it’s closer to the snow globes who always give people the Christmas spirit. Which will annoy a lot of people in November.”

Stanely returned after a long conversation. “That went off without a hitch.” Stanley explained to Soos that the kids’ parents now know about what happened 30 years ago and like Stanford very much. “So glad that Stanford’s more honest than I am, we may never see the kids here again.”

Soos almost had a heart attack.

“Settle down, Soos. Time to learn the art of con!” Stan rubbed his hands together. “But since there’s no suckers at this time, we’ll just make one!”

Ford sat there, very annoyed with his ‘sucker lollipop’ t-shirt.

“Remember, be as dumb as possible!” Stan said to his non-amused brother.

Soos approached him, feeling very nervous. “Uhhh. Hello money?”

Ford sighed. “Hello, Mr. Mystery. I would like to see your ‘real’ attractions.” Ford bended his fingers. “Because they definitely don’t look like stuffed dead animals glued together. Or my old bowling ball painted to look like an eyeball without being preserved in any embalming chemicals!”

“Psst, scam him.” Stan whispered.

“Uhh, O.K.” Soos gulped. He looked around the museum he worked at for years and was filled with determination. “Heh, just like that kid and that skeleton who likes spaghetti, I mean um. Be amazed!” Soos pulled in a very real looking replica of Multi-Bear. “Behold! The beast that took years to fight to the death, and whos dead boty is said to be haunted, the abominable Bear-Bear!”

“I’m still alive, thank you very much.” Multi-Bear spoke. “I just forgot my mix tape here.”

“There there, Bear-Bear.” Soos patted Multi-Bear on one of his heads. “…Why did I say that?”

Ford shook his head. “You know, I can actually get real attractions. But that will bring in some unwanted guests from the government.”

“I won’t do that either, bro.” Stan said, reminding him of how dangerous the supernatural can be. “Soos. you’re doing good!” Stan patted him on the back. “Now let’s see you try introducing every attraction here.”

“From the Alpha Apple all the way through the Zigzag Zebra Zombie? And also miscellaneous like whatever Mabel made here.” Soos took out a model of ……. “Definitely a model.” Soos then sprung an idea. “Heh, what if Mabel made a wish for this to come alive? Like when she found that old genie lamp.”


“First wish, Ice cream! Second wish, Ice cream! Third wish, ………. Nothing!” Mabel shouted with the lamp in her hand, belonging to the ….. red parrot?

“Get it?” Mabel asked. She grinned widely, waiting for an answer. “It’s cameo? A cameo from a famous movie made in the nineties? ….. Had two straight to video movies which one of them was terrible ……. And an animated series ……. And crossed over with Hercules ……. Yes that actually happened. Look it up!”


Stan hugged Soos. “You’re a natural!” A tear drop formed in one of his eyes. “Now to show you how to increase prices and-”

“Jesus Alzamirano Ramírez!”

Everyone gasped as Soos’s Abuelita walked in, looking furious. “I hope you’re not being a bad boy here.”

Soos started panicking. “No, I mean. Don’t put me in time out!”

Stanley grunted painfully. “Soos, you don’t have to take her advice! You’re Mr. Mystery now.”

“Oh I can smell a con-artist a mile away.” Abuelita poked Stanley in the chest. “And don’t get me started on that day where you got the Mystery Shack back from that awful child.”

“Awful child? I don’t know what you’re oooooooooh.” Stanley froze as everyone looked at him. Even Stanford gave him a curious look. “Uhh, distraction!” Stan pointed at Gompers the Goat.

The next thing Soos knew, Stan was caught in the powerful grip of Abuelita before he could escape. “Why the heck are you this strong?”

“Soos. You can be the best Mr. Mystery and be a professional business man. But you must make a choice. Will you be a crook, or an honest man?”

“Don’t listen to her!” shouted Stan. “I don’t care if you won’t scam people, money wise! Just as long as you follow your dream and make smart business choices ….. wait. That’s sort of what you just said.” He turned to Soos. “And I also said I wanted you to have no criminal records. ….. So we’re all good?”

“Supongo que sí.” Abuelita let him go.

“Well that was another conflict solved.” Soos said before the phone rang. “I’ll get that.”

When he left, Abuelita spoke to Stan. “Just of the record. You are still a better father figure than his good for nothing blood-father who wants nothing to do with him.”

“Father figure?” A flashback of that fateful night played in Stan’s head. “Yeah, I guess I am. Take that, dad!”

“I am not your father.” Abuelita protested.

“Really, a fire!?” Soos asked through the phone. “And also the place you work at went out of business?”

“That’s right. But at least I was insured.” Soos was talking to Melody, Soos’s girlfriend from Portland, on the other line. “But now I need to find a job that doesn’t require a college degree and a new apartment. Unfortunately I can’t find an open one here. Everyone else living in my building took all the open rooms.”

“That’s a bummer.” Soos said.

“Well enough about me, what have you been up to. I couldn’t get in contact with you for a week. What happened, did Armageddon happen?” she laughed.

“Actually Weirdmageddon happened.”

“……. Another overpowered entity bent on fulfilling its unholy desires?”

“Exactly that.”

They spend the next thirty minutes talking about Bill’s control over Gravity Falls, how he was defeated, the twins leaving, and Soos’s biggest surprise.

“I am now the new Mr. Mystery!”

“Congratulations!” Melody cheered. “Wish I could move up there to see you in action …. Hey. Is there an open house there?”

Soos realize what she means and gasped happily. “Well minus my old small house and that spooky medium sized mansion the Northwest moved in, there’s one good house for rent near where Mabel’s friends live. And heck, with me as Mr. Mystery and Stan heading out for adventure, I could use another hand.”

“Really?” Melody spoke happily.

“Yeah. You can work the cash register and sell merchandise to all our customers who would have their minds blown by my stories!”

“I’ll take that job. But won’t I need to submit my application first?”

“Of course ……….. you’re hired.”

“Oh thank you, Soos. You’re the best!”

Soos’s cheek turned pink. “Thanks Melody. You are gonna love it here. I’ll contact the owner of that house first thing in the morning. Well after breakfast.”

After they gave their goodbyes and hung up, Stanley walked right in. “Well looks like Ford and I will spend rest of the week getting ready. You sure you got this under control?”

Soos informed Stan that Melody will be moving in, he can totally do it. “Yes, Mr. Pines. You can count Soos.”

“Thanks, Soos. That really means a lot.”

Soos smiled. “Permission to hug you again?”

“Like you’ll stop if I say no.”

Soos hugged Stanley tightly as Stanley hugged back.

“Soos really is like the son I never had.” Stan thought to himself. “Wonder whatever happened to his real dad. Probably got on the wrong side of some shady people. Oh well.” The two enjoyed their bonding moment for as long as they wanted, fulfilling the old tradition of father passing down to his son who shall pass it down to their son and so forth till the end of time.

“PLEASE LET ME GO!” shouted a man that sort of resembles Soos by only a tiny pit. He was tied up in an area with small structures, green pathways, and holes.

“NEVER!” shouted the little golf-ball like creatures, the Lilliputtians.

“Do not lose hope, my comrade.” said the man’s fellow inmate, Sergei. “You’ve battle your slavery against these creatures far longer than I have.”

“I just snuck in here five minutes ago to hide from the cops!” shouted the man. “And my only crimes are ….. well I know its three times bigger than that one guy who ran for mayor …..Steve Oak? Eh, some loser.”

All of the Lilliputtians gasped. “He has insulted our once great chief, who had destroyed the One Eye Beast! Burn his most vulnerable area while we sing!"

Chapter 4Edit


Within the halls of ‘Eggbert Middle School’, all the kids chat, walked to homeroom, and organized their lockers. However this no true ever day routine, at least not yet.

For these kids, it was the death of their summer and the beginning of school. Some just started Middle School and felt nervous and lost, some older ones are more familiar to others, but yet even in the upcoming age of High school brought fear and anxiety to the eldest students.

Today felt like the Great Depression to many young minds, until a powerful kick to the main entrance revealed the glimmering hope to all their lives.


The weariness of everyone’s souls suffered their second death as they all cheered for their savior.

“Mabel’s back! Mabel’s back! OMG!” shouted a girl.

“I’m …. I’m finally back in the same school as Mabel!” shouted a younger boy who started shedding tears of joy.

One speechless kid dressed in blue overreacted so much that he started foaming in the mouth and collapsed.

A group of kids ran up to her and Mabel greeted each and everyone one by name. “Dave, Cindy, Joe, Frank, Chloe, Timmy, Steven, Connie, and good old janitor!”

All the kids pestered her about how her summer was deep in the woods like she was going to bring the good word.

“Oh Gravity Falls is amazing! I found my two most bestest friends in the whole world! Fought monsters and ghosts! Traveled through time! Saved my pet pig from a pterodactyl. Got turned into wood by a vengeful lumberjack ghost. Had a video game character say some lines. Met a Love God. Uncovered my Great Uncle’s greatest secret! And saved the world from a floating cyclops pyramid monster!”

No one, and I really mean NO ONE, questioned Mabel. They literally accepted everything as fact.

“And I couldn’t have done it without my brother!” Mabel pulled Dipper in front of her, looking nervous. The group’s energy suddenly died down.

“Who’s he?” one person asked.

“Come on, Drake. You know me from band class!” shouted Dipper.

No one gave another comment.

“O.K. … I’ll see you all at Homeroom with me and Dipper ….. WAIT!” Mabel rushed to the notice board to see if she’s in the same homeroom with Dipper. “Good, we’re together. And also some classes and lunch. O O, I see we have a new student!” Mabel looked at the unfamiliar name closely. “Oh, he’s a Native American!”

“Aren’t they called Indians?” asked on kid, who received an awful glare from Mabel. “Does this look like India?”

The kids quickly bowed down to her, apologizing in a panic.

“Good!” Mabel smiled.

The twins walked on over to their old lockers right next to each other.

Mabel empty out her backpack and covered her locker walls with photos of Grenda and Candy, and of course Waddles. “I forgot how much everyone misses me. Now fit in here, Waddles.”


“Yeah, they sure did.” Dipper placed a photo of him and Wendy on the inside of locker door. “Not the same with me though.”

“Oh don’t be like that, bro-bro.” Mabel said calmly. “Look, here comes some kids with that game you like, Homework the Game!”

Dipper turned to see three walking geek stereotypes heading his way. “Hey, hey! I like Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons too!”

The geeks walked passed him with an accelerating pace.

“I really don’t get it.” Dipper shook his head. “How come you’re over popular and I never made a friend ever? Not even those guys who were in all our classed in Elementary school.”

“Don’t be like that.” Mabel smiled. “You made friends during the summer like Soos, Nate, Lee, Thompson, Pacifica, Multi-Bear, and this girl right here.” Mabel grinned as she pointed at the photo of Wendy.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Dipper felt a little better.

“And let’s not forget that revenge trip.” Mabel folded her arms. “It’s still a shame you were flirting with all those girls, but you did actually get their emails.”

“Yeah …. Yeah!” Dipper pounded his palm. “I’d never been more open in my life.”

“Bingo, we have a winner!” Mabel booped his nose. “You spend too much time with books and being awkward. It’s time you fight back and be more courageous, just don’t use too much of Grunkle Stan’s advice.”

“Trust me, I won’t.” Dipper felt his arms, regretting that time. “But I learned a lot after that, and from this crazy Summer.”

A new light shined in the horizon. “This is the school year were I become popular. Or at least make at least one or two friends after today!”

“That’s the spirit!” Mabel gleed, only to gasp loudly. “Hold it, I bet there must be someone interested in the paranormal. You can have another Paranormal Investigator buddy!”

“Worth a shot.” The two twins bounded fists.

“I’ll see you at Homeroom!” Mabel shut her locker and grabbed her books.

“Be right there, Mabel.” After Dipper took his books, he looked back at the photo of him and Wendy. “Wish me luck, Wendy.”

“And now you’re talking to photos. Huh, dork.”

A chill ran down his spine, not out of fear, but annoyance. “Good to see you too, Beethoven.” Dipper turned to see a familiar looking chubby kid wearing a black t-shirt with an image of a bulldog and the words ‘Slight Fear’. Next to him, he was the class loser back at Eggbert Elementary, but now … he’s just an annoying wannabe bully.

“So Dipstick. You got my milk money?”

Dipper painfully sighed. “You know I bring my lunch and drink every day, and you’re allergic to peanut butter and bananas. Remember that time you swiped my sandwich and ate it whole in a split second?”

“Oh yeah … well …… your birthmark is stupid.”

“You don’t remember what it looks like.”

Beethoven shifted is eyes, thinking quickly on what to do. “Well … I’ll just take your dumb hat and-” before he could even lay one finger on it, Dipper grabbed his wrist with a surprisingly amount of strength. He quivered as he looked directly into Dipper’s furious eyes.

“Do not ……” Dipper moved in closer, making the boy sweat in fear. “Touch her hat.”

Beethoven swallowed and tried acting tough. “I … I bet you got this from an ugly girl.” He then noticed the picture on the locker door. “Yeah, look how ……wait. She’s the exact opposite.” Beethoven just stares at the photo of him and Wendy as Dipper let go. “Who the heck is she?”

“That’s my best friend.” Dipper clenched his fist, and then came into realization of that moment. “How hard was I squeezing your wrist?”

“Hard. Actually hard.” Beethoven rubbed his wrist. “What happened that summer?”

Dipper was looked bewildered by his hand. “A lot actually …. A lot.” Dipper took a deep breath. “Look, I know for a fact you won’t actually hurt me.”

“Oh yeah … why’s that?” he asked, trying to keep his appearance.

“Because you’re crazy about my sister.”

Beethoven gasped loudly. “I mean oh no. I can punch you into next Tuesday. Ruby Tuesday!”

“Dipper! Dipper!”

Beethoven froze from hearing that voice. He stood straight up when Mabel came into the scene. “You got to get to homeroom! This is something you want to see!”

She grabbed his hand and pulled him away after he shut his locker and picked up his book.

Beethoven released his breath and sighed like a lovesick fool. “Mabel, so full of life and the not boring …boring is the enemy!” Beethoven straighten himself up in a determination pose. “This year …. This is the year I impress her enough to …. wait. She’s been gone to a forest town all summer with-” He gasped loudly. “Boys with real muscles!” He looked at his chubby arms. “No, I must not give up until …. I’m I late for homeroom?”

Mabel pulled his brother right into their homeroom and pressed his face on the window. “Do you see that?”

Dipper opened his eyes and gazed outside. “A red fox?” Dipper looked at a red fox chasing a rabbit around a circle.

“No silly. Him!” Mabel pointed a few desks down. “Oh, sorry.” Mabel released Dipper’s head so he could properly turn his head. He looked to see a Native American boy talking to a few kids. “His name is Dyami, and he’s starting his very own Paranormal Club!”

“Really?” Dipper felt like this was destiny. A friend with his interests, and even if the D,D, and More D kids won’t accept him, Dipper at least experienced the Paranormal first hand.

“We should totally give him my cellphone number!”

Dipper stopped himself. “Another crush, Mabel?”

“Surprised?” Mabel sarcastically asked.

“Mabel has a what-now?” Beethoven ran right in and tripped on his own shoe lases. “I’ll pummel anyone who laughs that isn’t Mabel.”

Mabel hugged Dipper. “Just imagen it. Us, taking down the paranormal right here at home and Dyami with my cellphone number.”

“Mabel, we don’t have cellphones.” Her brother reminded her.

“One step at a time.” Mabel giggled and ran ahead with Dipper knowing well enough how it will play out.

The boy, Dyami, was speaking to a goth looking girl with black hair and small classes. “What the club I would begin includes talking and learning about many mythos around the globe. We also do creepypastas.

“How does that taste?” asked the goth girl.

Dyami gave her an odd look, but then noticed Mabel taking a seat right in front of him. “Hi! The name’s Mabel. The, as of a few days ago, thirteen year old TEENAGER!”

Dyami took the sudden introduction as a bit weird, but welcomed it. “Thirteen? Do you feel like a teenager yet?”

“Meh. But that’s beside the point.” She pulled Dipper to her. “Me and my brother want in.”

“Me too!” Beethoven shouted. “Because I’m a huge fan … of what Mabel’s a fan of.”

Dyami looked at each one carefully. “You seem all enthusiastic as a two warriors crashing in a duel, or that fox outside.”

They turned to see the fox with a successful meal.

“Poor bunny.” Mabel moped. “Any-who. Me and Dipper are known as Mystery Twins back at the greatest place in the universe, Gravity Falls.”

“Gravity Falls?” Dyami looked at Mabel and Dipper with wide open eyes. “I’ve been there this summer!”

“Really?!” Mabel leaned on the desk. “Noticed anyone beautiful?”

“No.” Dyami smiled and took a photo from his pocket. “But I’ve seen this!” Dipper looked at the photo and was amazed.

“Is this …. Bigfoot!?”

“It has to be!” Dyami said with excitement. “I wanted to get another one, but my parents just thought it was a fake and instead took me to the most pointless tourist trap I was forced to lay eyes on.”

“The Mystery Shack?”

“Yes.” Dyami turned away dramatically. “You won’t imagine the place. Horrific, misleading, and the man behind all of it. The dreadful Mr. Mystery.” Dyami slapped his head. “I mean how does a horrible man scam so many-”

“Hey!” both twins shouted. “That will be our Great Uncle.”

Dyami was about to apologize, but Beethoven picked him up. “How do you want him? Scrambled or …… not scrambled?”

Dyami glared at Beethoven right in the eye. “I must warn you, I’ve studied multiple martial art skills. Your peasant strength is nothing compared to my shining might.”

“I forgive him already!” Mabel smiled. “Say more words!”

Beethoven lowered the boy and Dipper started a conversation. “You know, I’ve come up with theories about Bigfoot. Why no one ever found a body? They’re cannibals. Where do they hide? Tunnels. Why nobody one found one? They didn’t call his name.”

As Dipper went on and on about his theories, Dyami was having a hard time keeping up. Near the end of Dipper’s theories the boy started feeling dizzy. “Wait wait, who married Bigfoot?” Dyami sat down. “O.K. I see you’re more than compassion for the paranormal then I am. Either that or I just feel a loss of energy.”

Dipper sheepishly smiled. “Sorry, it’s just that that Bigfoot is the tip of the iceberg in Gravity Falls. You should see the Mini-Golf course with-”

“Wait!” Dyami stood up. “The Lilliputtians?”

The disbelief Dipper just dropped his jaw. “You know them? Like the pirates, the knights, the miners?”

Dyami was about to speak, but then the teacher came in.

“Oh no. I forgot we were in school.” Mabel moped as the four kids took a seat.

“We’ll talk after school.” Dyami told Dipper with a thumb up.

“You got it.” Dipper tipped his hat to his new friend.

“What just happened?” asked Beethoven.

The rest of the school day went on as you expected. Mabel and Beethoven looked bored as ever, but Mabel felt more comfortable when all the students socialized with her. Dipper on the other hand was thrilled by what he’ll learn throughout the new school year. And Dyami, he was actually pretty average about everything, not too thrill about school work but was interested in a few topics and got along pretty well with other kids; especially after he learned that since Mabel is friendly towards him, any kid who picks on him will be placed on the ‘Mabel’s Enemies’ list, which Mabel herself wasn’t aware of.

And the Pines Twins will continue their daily routine throughout the year. Their summer have truly ended that day, but was not the end of their lives. New adventures and changes are in the future, and the Mystery Twins and two new allies will face them head on.

Chapter 5Edit

“Heeeeeellllp! Heeeeeellllllllp!” Deep within a dark and foggy forest, a beautiful woman was running for her life. She didn’t know what it was or what it wants, but she knows deep down that whatever it is, it wasn’t good.

She ran up to an old shack and banged on the door repeatedly. “Help me, Help me! I might be dinner!”

However it was too late, a dark shadow cast over her. She dropped to her knees and screamed at the horrific abomination in front of her ….. a pile of mud with google eyes!

Two bursts of laughter filled a room with a T.V. showing the woman being eaten by the mud monster’s mouth that resembles a tent’s door.

Wendy Corduroy and Dipper Pines were in the lumberjack girl’s bedroom for this usual movie marathon before the summer’s end.

“I … I can’t …” Dipper tried to make a wise crack at the film, but the horrific cheesiness and lazy effects were too much for the boy.

Wendy laughed even harder when she looked at Dipper’s face from trying to speak.

They fell back onto the bed and laughed for at least ten minutes before dying down.

“Wow. I’ve seen some lazy old costumes in these dumb films.” Wendy spoke. “But that! That’s like the worst thing I ever saw.”

“Just to think if that was passed off as a film school project.” Dipper held his chest to ease his breath. “I won’t give it an F, that’s for sure.”

“I’ll give it a G minus.” Wendy laughed. “G for Give up, Now.”

Dipper snickered. “I guess this means that all politicians are straight G students.”

“Dude, do you know anything about politics?” Wendy sternly asked.

“Well uh. No.” Dipper quickly calmed down, hoping he didn’t hit a nerve.

“Neither do I.” Wendy playfully punched Dipper’s arm the lightest she could, which still hurt him. “And believe me. If anyone’s a straight G student, it’s me.”

Dipper looked at her with disbelief. “Don’t be like that. I’m sure you’re doing fine.”

“Thanks for the support.” Wendy said with a soft smile. “But really, I stink at school. Besides gym, I always barely pass my classes.” Wendy chuckled to herself. “One time in history class, I had a test with a question ‘Who started World War II’ and out of boredom I accidently bubbled in Walt Disney.”

“Woooow!” Dipper laughed. “Usually when it comes to school I always get straight A’s, minus gym.” Dipper smiled with slight embarrassment.

“Oh I wish I have your brains, man. No teachers yelling at me, Dad won’t get angry a lot, and I’ll have free time from detention.”

“You, in detention?” Dipper sarcastically asked. “So what’s on your criminal record?”

“One, low grades. Two, late for school because driving here is stupidly the worst. Three, I may have something to do with a hacked radio attached to the speakers. And four, my teachers hate me.”

“Who can possibly hate you?” Dipper joked, but really felt confused.

Wendy playfully laughed. “That’s just high school. I already told your sister how your body goes against you and how everyone hates you.”

“Really?” Dipper felt the back of his neck. “I’ll be there a year from now. Got any advice?”

“Yes, but they’re not anywhere as good as using a fountain of youth.” Wendy counted down with her fingers. “Don’t hang out with the wrong crowd. Don’t look like an easy target. Don’t be open about things people will make fun of you. Go to football games. Think about college. Babysit your brother. Remember when all your homework is due. Fix what dad breaks. Don’t ever wait till the last minute. Keep all your breakable stuff in your room so your over-the-top brothers don’t break it. Pray that someone can fix Thompson’s car in less than a second. Beat up anyone pushing you too far. Shout ‘I get it! The World’s a terrible place’ when they make you watch those kinds of movies. And don’t get me started on…. Dude, how long was I ranting for?”

Wendy turned to her best friend and found him expressionless.

“Heh, sorry about that. There’s still a lot of good stuff too.”

Dipper took a huge breath. “I see now what Mabel’s mind went through.”

“O.K. I exaggerated on most things there.” Wendy felt her head. “They’ve been building up here for who knows how long.”

Dipper looked to Wendy. “I see why you’re always stressed. I heard you talking about your family.”

“Don’t worry about me. When school comes, my brothers always get tired after school. Dad’s still crazy, but that’s when I have me time.”

“To study?” Dipper asked.

“No, to do anything but work.” Wendy laughed to herself, which died down rather quickly. “But yeah. I should be doing that.”

“And if you’re having trouble studying, you could find a tutor.” Dipper suggested.

A sparkle appeared in Wendy’s eyes. “A tutor, that’s it!” She turned to Dipper and smiled. “You should help me study!”

“Me?” Dipper asked. “Go study with you, I mean tutor you? Well I can’t say I’m that smart.”

“Are you kidding me?” Wendy punched his arm again, only twice as hard. “You should be graduating by now. Remember how you were explaining chemistry to me? You made it simple enough so that I wouldn’t fall asleep.”

Dipper smiled at the compliment. “Thanks. You know I actually tutor Mabel myself. She’s not dumb, but doesn’t really study that often.” Dipper became a bit sad. “Besides, even if I’m as smart as your teachers, I can’t actually tutor you when school starts.”

Wendy was about to ask why, but reminded herself of the end of summer. “Right. You have to go back home, the day after your birthday.”

“Yeah.” Dipper sighed. “At least I can spend some time with you before that.” Dipper gently moved his head onto Wendy.

“Dude, are you cuddling with me?”

“WHAT?!” Dipper rolled right out of bed and landed face first on the floor. “NO NO! I wouldn’t cuddle with you. I mean no offense. I would, I mean no. I mean yes. I mean-”

“Relax, Dipper. I was teasing. Now come here.” Wendy pulled the boy back and the two lay together. “Still loves me.” Wendy thought to herself. “Trust me, Dipper. You’ll have better luck with dating than me.”

“You really think so?” Dipper asked.

“Yeah, you have the best match maker in the world as your sister. You’ll find a dream girl in no time. In fact….” Wendy moved real close to Dipper, making the boy nervous and confused. “You’re dreaming right now.”


“You fell asleep in class and now the teacher is going to drop a book on your desk.”

“What …. What?!” Dipper started panicking as he paced around the room. “Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!”

Wendy laughed. “I got you again, dude!”

Dipper stopped himself and felt completely embarrassed, but the two eventually shared a heartwarming laugh together. Wendy hopped off of bed and kneeled down to him. “Come on, you think you’ll fall asleep in class? I would pass out the instance I sit down in that cold chair where Robbie scribbled a muffin.”

The two friends shared another laugh together, both knowing that their time together will end soon.

“Dipper.” She placed her hands on his shoulders. Her happy face started to fade in the boy’s eyes. “I know you’re here for at least two more days. But I just wanted to say …. Thanks for everything.” She pulled him in and kissed him on the cheek. “You’re my best friend. I’m …. I’m going to miss you so much.” Wendy started tearing as he smiled at the boy.

Dipper’s entire face turned deep red. “And you’ll receive detention if you don’t wake up right this instant, Corduroy!”

Wendy awoke suddenly and found herself in her boring class room with the teacher standing next to her. “You had enough time to sleep at night. Now pay attention!”

All the other students laughed at the already ashamed teen. Then they all collapsed in their desks, fast asleep.

“CLASS!” shouted the teacher. “I will not have zzzzzz.” The teacher dropped to the ground.

Wendy looked around and just burst out laughing at the situation. She laughed so hard that Dipper’s hat fell off her head and landed on the overpowered air conditioner next to her, which blew it up into the air. Wendy was agile enough to grab it before it flew out of reach. Before placing it back on her head, she looked at the blue Pine Tree symbol, thinking of her best friend.

“Heh, already missing you.”

Chapter 6Edit

Inside Gravity Fall Middle School, both Candy and Grenda sat in homeroom, waiting for their school day to officially start. They were well prepared in paper and pencils that Mabel gave them, but that was just it. Mabel given them the best summer of their lives, but she was not able to give them the best school year.

“I miss our party girl.” Candy said in a low voice.

“AAARGH! I still wannna punch my heart!” Grenda shouted as she started punching her chest again.

“Don’t go too far, Grenda.” Candy warned her muscular friend.

“This isn’t going too far. That is!” Grenda pointed to the new student sitting in front of them, some short black creatures with crooked antennas and small yellow eyes.

“Good point.” Candy allowed Grenda to continue.

Their day wasn’t going to get any better by the looks of it. Right next to them sat two friends of Pacifica ….. Pacifica’s henchgirls.

“Well look, if it isn’t geek and ugly.” One girl snickered.

“Lost without Metal Mouth?” The other asked. “If only Pacifica could come here, but her family always sends her to the most luxurious school in this state. She would never want to be seen here.”

Suddenly the door opened to reveal a very familiar looking blonde valley girl.

All the kids looked as their jaws dropped. Pacifica Northwest in a public school.

“Greetings.” Pacifica said to the students.

“P-Pacifica?” The two girls ran up to her as Grenda and Candy listened. “What are you doing here? Your parents always send you out of city this time of year.”

“Not anymore.” Pacifica shook her head. “Since my dad thought it was a good idea to swear allegiance to Bill, he had to sell his mansion to that old crazy guy to keep our wealth, which it wasn’t nearly as much compared to how rich we were. So now I’ll be attending …. This hovel.” Pacifica shivered when she noticed a centipede crawling up the wall.

“Well don’t worry about that, Pacifica.” One of the girl said. “We’re the ones that run things around here. In fact…” She gave a devilish stare at the school ‘losers’. “We were just in the middle of insulting these two.”

Pacifica noticed Candy and Grenda.

“So how about you take a shot and-”


The two looked over to their leader for the stern response. “Uhhh, Pacifica?” Pacifica gave them an unfamiliar glare.

“We’re not doing that.”

“Oh, well…. How about some prank and-”

“No Pranks! NO insults! No this!” The two backed away as Pacifica became more hostile. “The Pacifica you knew is dead!”

Everyone gasped. Sensing danger, Grenda body slammed Pacifica. “Don’t think you can trick us!”

“Yes!” shouted Candy. “Mabel told us all about you, Shapeshifter!”

With her years of self-defense classes, Pacifica poked a pressure point on Grenda, allowing herself freedom. “I am not a shapeshifter you uncivilized-” Pacifica quickly covered her mouth and breathed slowly. “Look.” Pacifica placed her hands together. “What I meant was that I am a changed person.”

“What does that mean?” Pacifica’s friends asked nervously as the other kids listened.

Pacifica gazed around the listeners. “Ever since after the annual party at my mansion, the triangle guy taking over, and losing a majority of the Northwest fortune; I wanted to change myself for the better.” Pacifica took another deep breath. “It all started when we moved into that old smaller mansion I’m convinced is haunted.”

A limousine pulled in front of an old looking mansion with some contractors speaking about remodeling.

“Well ….” Preston and his wife walked out of the limousine with a sense of disgrace. “We are now living closer to that backwards town.”

Pacifica walked out from the other side and looked at the landscape left untouched for years until recently, the old driveway with many cracks and weeds growing, and the mansion itself gave her chills from an unfamiliar environment.

“Remember.” Preston looked at his depressed looking family. “This is a …. turn back from our life.” He spoke as he tries holding his mind together. “We still have our Mud Flap factory that provides us with money. But we may never return to the true Northwest Mansion.” He shivered at the thought of what McGucket was doing to it. “Our family name is probably an insult to our friends, but one day we’ll rise back on top. I’m sure of it ……. No I’m not!” Preston had another emotional breakdown as the moving truck arrived.

Pacifica ….. she was lost. Just lost.

Due to their setback, her family can no longer go on long extended vacations in the farthest of exotic hotspots, most of her prized wardrobe selections were sold off, and to top off everything, she can only have one pony. One…. Pony!

“Where do you want your pony?” One guy came, bring a quadrupedal animal to the property.

Pacifica looked at the thing and her jaw dropped lower than when she learned she can only have the single pony, accept now it looks like it was no pony.”

“Oh …. It appears I’ve made a mistake in selling our animals.” Preston loosened his tie. “But I’m sure there are races for ….. fooooooor whatever that is.”

“That’s a llama!?” Pacifica shouted at the infant llama being let loose.

“Meh.” The guy left with that only response.

The llama walked over to her and sniffed her hair.

“Well, I believe we should be settling into that …. Cobweb filled home.” Mrs. Northwest spoke with a shiver.

“Relax, dear. We’ll have it remodel …. Eventually.” Preston calmed himself down, still holding down tears.

The three walked into the small mansion. The door slowly opened, squeaky very so eerily as the sunlight revealed to the Northwest their new home. Their new, dust filled, light deprived, mice infested, horror film-themed mansion.

“O.K. family.” Preston spoke up. “If we see a ghost; just go straight the hovel, asked Mr. Pines for help, and listen to him so we won’t have to deal with another explanation to any powerful guests of ours.”

Pacifica’s mood brighten up, but by only a small amount. “He actually learned something that day?” Pacifica recalled how her parents acted when they had ghost activities from an ancient curse. Then a spider landed on her nose.

“Eeeew!” she swatted it way. “I’ll just go find a room for myself.” Pacifica grabbed her light luggage and walked around the empty hallways. Each step gives off a small squeak which sounds like a dirty mouse passing by. After checking each room, she found one that was quite suitable for her taste, by comparison.

It was master sized bedroom, but not as big as the true master bedroom which she figured her parents will want. In the room contains a walk-in closet and a balcony with the view of the small ranch the llama will be staying at, and also there’s a goat next to her.

“Baaaa.” said Gompers.

With a twitch in her face, the girl sighed painfully and marched back inside. “I can’t believe this is happening!” She dropped to the floor. “Dad just had to put stocks into some Mr. Pyramid’s ‘take over the world’ whatever and had to sell the mansion to get enough money back. How can things get any worse?”

“What do you mean my Mud Flap Factory’s being closed down!?” Pacifica heard her dad downstairs. “The police found what?! … The police did their job right?! …. Yeah I can cover it up.” Preston stuck his head into Pacifica’s room. “Daughter. Another bump in the road have appeared …… you’re going to p-p-p-p-p-”

“Prison!?” Pacifica gasped.

“No no! …. Public School.”

“……. Heh, that’s a relief ….. Public School….” Pacifica’s mind wandered aimlessly in her own head. “Public School? Peasant School? I am a Northwest!” She stood right up. “My family have done nothing but brought this lousy town to ….What …. What am I saying!?” Pacifica eyes widen as she held her head in frustration.

“This is exactly what we deserve! My family lied, cheat, push people down, and who knows what else just to get us on top. Us only!”

Pacifica marched through the mansion and right outside to get some well needed fresh air. “Yeah, this should be happening to us. Being in a miserable old house and being laughed at by everyone.”

“This just in, the Northwest just moved into the old mansion because of losing everything for swearing loyalty to Bill Cipher.” Toby Determined said a few feet away, still dressed in his apocalypse outfit. “Now that every single person in the 1% is making fun of your family, how will your hide your shame that surpasses my way.”

Then Officer Blubs and Deputy Durland shocked him with tasers.

Pacifica left the scene and walked right into the ranch. “And this is my fate. A hoopless, bleacherless, fountainless, auto-matic-feederless ranch with only a stable and a feeding tray.

She sat on the wooden fence to let her new life sink in. “This is what I deserve. The link to the world’s worst chain ….. wait ….” Pacifica rose her head up.


Pacifica recalled the events at the party where Dipper spoke to her in the hidden room.

“Pacifica, I’m sorry for what I said earlier. But just because you’re your parents’ daughter doesn’t mean you have to be like them.”

Pacifica looked at the boy and smiled softly.

“It’s not too late.”

(End Flashback)

“Wow …. Since that floating nacho showed up, I forgot about that.” Pacifica thought for a while about that moment as the wind blew into her hair. The more she thought, the brighter her smile grew. “This is … this actually a turning point to me.” She hopped off the fence with a smile. “Since I won’t be doing that much rich activities before, I can focus on being me. The real me! The one to clear our family name for the better.” She looked up into the sky as the sun sets. “But, where should I start. Well I guess I did start off good at the Northwest Mansion Party, and their party.”


Nearing the end of Dipper and Mabel’s 13th birthday, the blonde was speaking to the Mystery Twins.

“So you’re leaving tomorrow?” Pacific asked the twins. “And you won’t be back until next summer?” She felt sadden knowing that this may be the last time she sees them in a long time.

“That’s right. And we love the gifts you got us.” Mabel showed off her golf-clubs. “With these, our miniature golf-courses are gonna be more awesome!”

Dipper smiled as he held out a season collection of Ghost Harassers. “And I’ll be marathoning my favorite show.”

“Well I thought those gifts were best suited for … our few good times.” Pacifica took a deep breath. “Dipper, Mabel. I … I want to apologize for how I was treating you through the whole summer. I had no right.”

Mabel gave the girl a compassionate smile. “Awww, I forgive you. Now come here!” Without warning, Mabel gave the cautious girl a tight hug. “Pacifica Northwest, when we get back to Gravity Falls next June, you are becoming one of my friends to do crazy girl stuff with.”

Pacifica, despite the lack of air, allowed the hug to last as best she could.

“And since we’ll be both 13, it’s gonna be more crazy!”

Dipper sighed, thinking about the more how the sleepovers his sister will have with the reformed Pacifica. “And who knows, maybe we can go on mystery hunts together.”

“Together how?” Mabel asked.

“You know, Mabel.” Dipper answered his sister. “With you, me, Pacifica, Soos, Wendy, Ford, and heck even Stan.”

“Oh.” Mabel said, but then secretly wrote down something in her ‘Match Making’ list. “One possibility for the future.”

Pacifica softly laughed. “Well whatever you’re exploring. I can still sue any creeps that dare mess with us!”

“Hooray!” shouted Mabel. “Now group hug with you, Dipper. I still remember the hug you two shared!”

“Mabel…” Dipper miserably groaned as he and Pacifica lightly blushed.

(End Flashback)

Her thoughts were interrupted by the baby llama. “Oh ….” Pacifica looked confusingly at the llama staring at her. “Hey?”

The llama sniffed her hair and walked over to a large plastic ball.

“Do you want to play or something?”

The llama responded as it bounced the ball towards her. Pacifica kicked the ball farther away as the llama chased after it. Seeing the small thing knocking it around and making cute noises actually made Pacifica sighed.

“Heh, this is for the best.”

She spent the rest of the day playing with the llama, filling ber mind with ease for the future to come. A future she’ll shape herself.

“That’s so beautiful!” Grenda said, sneezing into a tissue.

Pacifica looked at the kids with a smile. “So there you have it.” She placed her hands on her hips. “For now on I will no longer insult the common folks, or anyone for that matter. I’ll be generous for the sake of being generous, help out the town, and even … jump in mud for fun.” Pacifica said with a confused look. “I don’t really know if I’ll partake in that. But you should understand.”

Pacifica’s friends and the others looked at one another and whispered. “Soooo …. Will you still be giving use free stuff and inviting us to parties.”

“Oh please.” Pacifica waved her hand. “Even if my dad wasn’t trying to hog as much money as possible, I want to use my power for the right reasons.”

Then the whole classroom was filled with boos and name calling and the kids sat back down, including Pacifica’s two friends.

“Guys?” Pacifica was given the cold shoulder by everyone, everyone minus Grenda and Candy. An empty seat stood next to Candy and Pacifica took it. “So ….. was money really the only reason they hung out with me?”

“For the record, you did cheat in that singing contest with Mabel.” Candy reminded Pacifica, causing her to regret that moment.

“And I won that crown that should have been Mabel.” Pacifica took a moment to think. “I should send it back to her.” She looked at the two. “You should know Mabel’s address. Right?”

“We do.” Candy answered. “We already started a trend to send each other gifts.”

“And you can help us decorate the box!” Grenda shouted, holding a box of arts supplies.

“You two … want me to help?” Pacifica asked. “Wow … I haven’t even told you I’m sorry yet.”

“You already did.” Candy answered. “You should come to my house after school. We’ll teach you how to wrap better.”

“But not the so-called singing rap.” Grenda said. “I’m with Wendy on that one!”

“The low-level food source?” Pacifica asked, thinking of what she considered fast food.

“Pacifica Northwest, you have a lot to learn.”

“Your right.” Pacifica playfully said, looking at her two new friends. “I do have a lot to learn.”

Chapter 7Edit

“FREEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOM!” Mabel was the first out of all the students to run out the door after school have ended for today. She jumped right on the grass and rolled around. “I missed you, outside.”

Dipper came out and just smiled. “We’re not going to survive until summer, are we?”

“Doesn’t look like it.” Dyami laughed. “You must love Gravity Falls with all your soul.”

“You have no idea.” Dipper said. “Besides the paranormal, we had a ton of fun with some new friends and our Grunkles.”

“But the mysteries are always the biggest. Like that Bunker with the Shapeshifter.” Mabel lifted herself up. “Which reminds me. We have got to have our first club meeting before we actually get, ugh, homework.”

“She’s right.” Beethoven came out. “We must hang out with Mabel, I mean join the club for …. Something.”

Dyami folded his arms and tilted his head. “Relax; since I’d moved into the same neighborhood as you, we can all just walk to one of our houses.” Dyami looked at the twins. “You’ve mentioned in lunch that your great uncle was studying the paranormal in Gravity Falls.” He smiled like a fanboy. “Do you think we can get him in an online chat?”

Dipper rubbed the back of his neck. “He’s not really used to the internet just yet. But I can give him a call. He was working on recreating the journals from Stan’s copies.”

“Really?” Mabel asked. “The Journals are being revived after Bill Cipher destroyed them? We’re back in business!”

“I still don’t understand.” Beethoven said. He turned to Dyami who only shrugged.

“We’ll explain later, we should meet up at our house.” Dipper said.

Beethoven froze up a bit. “You-You-You mean yours and Mabel’s house? With-With your parents who can easily judge me?”

“Yep.” Mabel said obliviously. “I hope you like pigs.”

“Uhhh, I don’t eat pigs.” Dyami said. “I’m not a vegetarian, but pigs are just unhealthy in general. Since they’re scavengers like dogs and vultures.”

“What do you mean scavengers?” Beethoven asked, regretting the ham sandwich he had.

Afterwards the kids were picked up by their own parents. Mabel and Dipper told their folks how their first day went and the new student.

“And we met this boy who’s into the paranormal just like Dipper. We’re going to start a club.” Mabel said as their parents sounded happy.

“That’s great to hear.” Mr. Pines said while driving.

Mrs. Pines looked over to Dipper. “Looks like Gravity Falls really paid off for you, Dipper.”

Mabel wrapped her arms around Dipper’s neck. “Who’s friendly now? This guy right here!”

Dipper sheepishly laughed as they pulled into their garage. “And it also turned out that he and his family moved right across the street from us.”

“And there he is!” Mabel squealed when Dyami and his family arrived home.

“Oh, the Grey family.” Mr. Pines waved to their new neighbors. “They moved in last month. Great people, unlike our last neighbor who won the lottery.”

“I can still remember the all-nighter parties.” Mrs. Pines rubbed her temples.

“Mabel, Dipper!” Dyami crossed the street.

“He said my name first.” Mabel pupils grew.

“So are you ready to call your ingenious Great Uncle Ford?” Dyami asked.

“We’ll do that right now.” Dipper said. “But we should probably wait for….” Dipper then noticed Beethoven standing with them, perfectly still.

“Oh, hello Beethoven.” Mrs. Pines said.

Beethoven just stood there, with no response.

“Why does he always do this?” Mr. Pines said. “Well we’ll leave you kids alone. Behave yourself.”

The parents left and Dipper and Mabel brought Dyami inside, that’s when Beethoven released his breath. “Nailed it.”

They all sat in the living room where Mabel served them some of her very own Mabel juice, which made the two new friends feel very uncomfortable.

“Thanks?” Dyami said as he took a cup and examined the plastic toys inside.

“You’re welcome.” Mabel said with a red face.

“I’ll love it!” Beethoven jugged the cup, regretting it instantly.

Dipper was on the phone getting in contact with Ford.

The phone rang in the Mystery Shack and Soos was right there to pick it up. “Mystery Shack. Under new management, Soos speaking.”

“Soos, it’s me, Dipper.”

Hearing Dipper’s voice brighten Soos’s already excited day. “Dipper! How’s home? I miss you already.” He whimpered like a sad dog.

“Great, Soos. Made some new friends and we’re starting our own Paranormal Club.”

Soos smiled with joy. “That’s great, dude. Now you can explore all the mysteries in Piedmont.”

“Well Piedmont is not as mysterious as Gravity Falls.” Dipper said, “But right now Mabel is asking our new friend, Dyami, if he’s one of the mystical creatures in her so-called romance novels.” Dipper held up the phone to let Soos listen in.

“Are you a vampire?”







“Do you have any idea what that is?!”

Soos scratched his head. “This is one strange generation.”

“Tell me about it.” Dipper said. “So is Ford there? I want to talk to him.”

“Sorry, dude. Ford and Stan are in town. They’re still getting ready for their big trip.”

“Right. Wish I could go. But when they come back, can you tell them to send us a copy of his complete volume of the journals when they’re done.”

“Oh he is far ahead of that, dude.” Soos smiled. “He gathered all the copies last night and made a fresh new one. He already mailed it to you kids today.”

“Really?! That’s great!” Dipper smiled. “When will it get here?”

“Hey Dipper, we got a package from Gravity Falls!” Mabel called out to them.

“Tell Grunkle Ford thanks times a million!” Dipper said with an over amount of joy.

“No problem, Dipper. Enjoy your school year.”

“You too. I mean have fun as Mr. Mystery.”

“It’s already a dream come true.” Soos spoke softly before hanging up. Emotions overwhelmed the guy and all the lights turned off except for one spotlight. “When you wish upon a star. Makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires. Will come to you ….. actually I had to work here as a handyman to get where I am today.”

Dipper rushed to the package Mabel was holding and opened it instantly. A heavenly light beamed off from the new journal. The design of it resembles the original journals, but with no tears or wears compared to the over thirty-year older ones. The six-finger symbol had also changed, instead there were three smaller symbols labeled 1, 2, and 3. “Wow, a new journal.” Mabel said in aww. “And free lights.” Mabel took out some Christmas lights that were turned on.

Dipper opened the journal and remembered each page. He smiled gratefully as he embraced the book close to his beating heart.

“Dipper, you’re starting to creep me out.” Beethoven said as Dipper hugged the book like a long-lost friend.

“Huh? I mean uh.” Dipper snapped out of it. “This is the completed journal my uncle Ford sent.”

“Really?” Mabel grabbed the book off his hands. “Yeah, here are the unicorns and gnomes. It even has all the stuff you added.”

Mabel handed the book to Dyami. Flipping only a few pages he could see some amazing designs of such creatures and artifacts, and some very stupid looking ones like the Leprecorn. “If it wasn’t for the fact that I met the Lilliputtians and a Gnome who only says ‘Shmebulock’ I would say you’re all crazy. Fun crazy that is.”

“He called me fun.” Mabel sighed to herself.

They spend the hour showing Dyami and Beethoven the content of the journals and the crazy adventures they had. Dyami was very developed into the tales they told like the Shapeshifter, the Dinosaurs, and the Society of the Blind Eye.

Beethoven was still lost.

“This …. This is incredible!” Dyami flipped through the pages. “I just wanted to start a Paranormal Club just to talk about it. But this! I think we have a new purpose!” Dyami stand on the coffee table. “Today marks the beginning of our Paranormal Research Team. Right here in Piedmont!”

“Um, Yaaaaay!” shouted Beethoven.

Dipper laughed at Dyami, he sees him as a direct copy of himself. Only not awkward at all and probably have girls chasing after him without following any Grunkle Stan’s advice.

“But you know; it’s not like Piedmont is a paranormal hotspot like Gravity Falls. Heck, except for a few haunting reports, Piedmont’s dry.”

“How can you be so sure?” Dyami sat next to him. “You’ve only started looking for the paranormal when you arrived at Gravity Falls, correct?”

Dipper nodded.

“But what if there are creatures right here that you didn’t even noticed?”

Dipper felt his chin. “That’s right. Before this summer, I’ve been keeping to myself. And there is a trail in the woods a few miles away.”

“And a park!” Mabel said. “There could be a fairy castle right behind the bathrooms!” She gasped and shook her brother. “Dipper, go to the fairy section.”

Dipper followed her sister’s command and turned to where Ford had recorded his findings of fairies. “Wow, Mabel you were on the right track there.”

Dyami and Beethoven looked surprised.

“It says here that fairies will build their miniature castles near locations with strong odor to keep intruders away. That and also where a lot of spiders are.”

“Clever butterfly people.” Dyami said. “Anything else?”

“Well we can’t check every place that will make us barf, but if there was a fairy castle anywhere here, we would be able to hear them sing.”

“What do they sing? Eighties music?” Mabel asked.

“Actually, yes.” Dipper showed them the drawing of a fairy singing around a Record Player. “They seem to love it here. Also Ford wrote here that this is how he’d discovered Zombies’ weakness.”

“I am on the ball!” Mabel shouted in joy. “Today’s lottery number is infinity!”

Beethoven felt his head. “I still don’t understand …… but.”

“But what?” Mabel jumped in front of him, making the boy turned deep red. “Tell me all.”

“All.” Beethoven yelped before slapping himself. “I mean I actually heard eighties music out of nowhere.”

“You do?” both Dipper and Dyami said.

“Yeah, every time I go jogging.”


“I … I need ….” Beethoven lost all his energy and collapsed in front of the park’s bathroom.

‘I was totally jogging for at least an hour and not only ten seconds. That’s when I heard it.’

Don’t start, unbelieving. Never don’t not feel your feelings.

‘It didn’t sound like a radio or anyone in the bathrooms. But like a million of girly things singing.’

“Hello? Who’s there? Don’t mess with me!” Beethoven. “My dad works at Mintendo.”

‘Feeling that there was an overpowered threat that sadly no mortal like me can handle, I was force to evacuate.’

“AAAAAAAAHHHHH!” he shouted and ran off.

(End Flashback)

“That happened every time I go there, but I never tried to find out where it was coming from.”

“Until now!” Mabel said. “We are going to go to the park and find those fairies! Also I think I might be psychic!”

“Yes, we shall uncover the truth!” Dyami shouted. “I love your energy, Mabel! You’re so motivating.”

“EEEEEEEE!” Mabel jumped.

“I’m motivated too. I mean I love motivating energy. I mean I’ll help!” Beethoven said with sweat running down his face.

The energy around the room made Dipper feel like he was still in Gravity Falls, eager to learn more of the paranormal and to spent time with people he cares about. “Well what are we waiting for, let’s find those fairies.”

“You mean those magic, tiny, wing girls. Right?”

Dipper and the others turned to see their parents.

“Yes!” Mabel answered. “What else can it be?”

After an awkward silent, Mabel and Dipper packed some vital tools and together the Paranormal Team made their way to the park.

“Well, here we are.” Dipper breathed in the fresh air. “Still the same as we left it, huh Mabel?”

“Like the playground. And look, there’s the fox from earlier.” Mabel ran up to the Red Fox who was just lying in the grass. “Go Vegan, you bunny eater!” Mabel ran back to the group, leaving the fox confused.

“Mabel, how did you recognize that fox?” Dipper asked.

“That’s the way of the Mabel.” His energetic sister confirmed.

“I must say, this is an outstanding park.” Dyami said as he observed the tennis court, the pond, a waterpark, and a fire pit some parents were complaining about.

“There are also a romantic nature walk, a romantic tree house that you can see a romantic waterfall from, a romantic museum art tour, a romantic boat ride, and a romantic rock. Did I mention they were all romantic?”

Dyami backed away a few inches from Mabel. “O.K. ….. are those the bathrooms you were talking about, Beethoven?”

“T-That’s it alright.”

The four kids slowly approached the bathroom where a green-faced man holding his mouth ran into.

“Alright Team.” Dipper caught their attention and showed them the fairy section of the journal. “From Grunkle Ford’s notes, fairies are peaceful creatures that loves girly things. Just as long as we pose no harm, nothing bad will happen.”

They all nodded and covered their noses to search for the castle. “You know it’s probably not that bad.” Dipper was soon proven wrong when the guy from before ran out coughing. “There is no hope in there. No hope….”

Dipper backed away as he followed the team behind the building. “Since this is a popular path, their castle is probably hidden underground with only a small entrance. I already packed us work gloves to search the ground for the-”

“Found it!” Mabel shouted.

Dipper ran ahead and couldn’t believe his eyes. The princess-y looking, miniature castle was standing right behind the bathrooms. Literally out in the open with no trees, rocks, or anything to hide it. Heck the horseshoe game sets were only a yard away.

“This can’t be real.”

Suddenly from the castle voices starting singing.

“Disco Girl, Coming through, that girl is you.’

Dyami covered his ears. “And their singing the most dreadful song of my life.” Dyami dropped on his knees. “I’ve spend weeks trying to rid my mind from this song. Why must people enjoy it so?!”

Dipper gave no comment. “O.K …. Mabel, you relate with them more, try introducing yourself.”

“On it.” Mabel knocked on the door lightly. “Helllloooooo?”

The small door opened and out came a fairy. “Greetings Humans, you are the first of your kind to approach us in a life time.”

Dyami grinned widely. “I don’t believe it!” He turned to Dipper. “Come on. Ask it something!”

Dipper, with more experience, walked up to the fairy. “Hello girls. I was wondering if you could-”

Before he could say more, Mabel started asking multiple questions. “Do you like nail painting and talking about boys. Oh of course you do. I mean your fairies. Girl Power is the top we have!”

“Mabel…” Dipper groaned.

Dyami slowly moved toward him, looking rather worried. “D-Dipper, are you sure they’re docile by nature?”

“Trust me, my Grunkle’s an expert.” Dipper smiled. “There is no way he’ll miss some vital information and not write it down here …… but he did added more info with invisible ink before ……” Dipper glanced at the journal again. “O.K. He also written down the invisible ink sections in plain sight. …. And we’re good. They’re all just rainbows and bunnies.”

“I don’t know, man. Look.” The frightful Beethoven pointed at the fairy turning to a dark red and showing some rather sharp fangs.

“Oh boy.”

“So what do you think is more fashionable, bows or headbands? I go with headbands because-”

“ENOUGH!” the fairy shouted with a demonic voice. “For centuries humans will uncover our castle and just mock us for the stereotypes that we alone do not hold. We are all tomboys!”

From the other doors and windows came a swarm of fairies filled with bloodthirsty rage.

“You shall suffer a thousand deaths for your false knowledge.”

“Oh no, they have the same evil blood as internet commenters!” Dyami jumped in front of the three and drew out a whip. “You shall lay no finger on my new friends! You do that and you’ll evoke my justice!”

“He’s so dreamy.” Mabel sighed before pinching herself. “Still awake.”

Feeling outdone, Beethoven ran ahead. “And don’t think it’s just the three of us.” He snickered. “Look to your left.”

The fairies turned to the left and saw no one. It took them a few seconds to realize they’ve been tricked. “They’re getting away!”

The kids ran down the path as fast as they could. “Come on, hurry!” Dyami was the fastest out of all of them; leaving behind Mabel and Dipper, who were trying their best to catch up.

“I really need to exercise more.” Dipper said, thanking Gravity Falls for the extra muscle strength.

Mabel turned around and saw Beethoven trying to keep up. “Beethoven, come on! You’re a jogger for Pete’s sake!”

Beethoven had enough and fell down. “You …. I’ll hold them …” He laid on his back as the fairies approached them.

“Beethoven!” Dipper and Mabel ran back and Mabel took out her Grappling Hook.

“Let’s see, weaknesses, weaknesses.” Dipper checked the journal to check for any weaknesses. “Incase fairies are provoked, use fire to ward them off.”

Dipper checked his pockets and regretted not taking any matches. “Mabel, have anything to start a fire?”

“Who needs fire when you have a grappling hook!” Mabel shot her grappling hook, only for the rope to be grabbed by the fairies. “Heh, I guess we need fire.”

Dyami jumped ahead and swatted at the fairies, only for the same thing to happen to him. “Give that back, it belonged to my deceased grandfather …. No wait, he’s still alive.”

Beethoven crawled away from the fang-bearing fairies. “Any other ideas?”

Dipper flipped through the pages and found nothing. “Can we just apologize?”

The fairies looked at each other in discussion. “No.”

“What did I say, blood of internet commenters.”

All hope seemed lost, but then out of anything else that could happened, a stream of fire appeared. Blocking the kids from the fairies.

“Great thinking, Dipper!” Dyami complimented his friend.

“I didn’t do this.” Dipper said as the fairies backed away. “Mabel?”

“Nuh-uh.” Mabel shook her head. “That only leaves ….. you!”

“Me?” Beethoven asked, and received a big hug from his crush.

“You didn’t tell me you had fire powers.”

Beethoven shook off the shyness and acted tough. “Yeah, it’s my secret weapon. I don’t always use it. But when I do, it’s-”

“Please stop.” Dipper said as he looked around. He noticed to the left something short running into the shrubs. He also took note that the fairies were also looking in the same direction.

“Urgh, her again.” One fairy said.

Another fairy called out to the kids. “We’ll let you off with a warning this time. But don’t ever go by stereotypes ever again!”

The fairies retreated as the flames died down.

“We won!” Mabel shouted. “Score one for Team Paranormal! We really need to work on the name.”

“I agree.” Dyami said as he put his whip away. “We must celebrate.”

Dipper checked where the flames were and found a surprised. “Wow.”

“What is it?” Beethoven asked.

“Do you see this?”

Beethoven looked and was not amused. “Uh, nothing.”


Beethoven glanced at Dipper and where the flames were. “O.K. you’re being dumb.”

Dipper shook his head. “You don’t get it. What’s usually happen to things that catches on fire?”

“They burn to a crisp.” Beethoven said. His words circled around his head for a moment before suddenly realizing it. “Hey, there’s no burnt marks.”

Mabel and Dyami also noticed no trace of flames anywhere. “Wow, that’s awesome.” Mabel grinned. “I just got hundreds of ideas.”

Dyami inspected the concrete walkway and the soil. “Amazing. What source of nature was that?”

“Whatever it is, it’s gone now.” Dipper glanced back to the shrubs. “But do you know what this means?”

“We’re going home, away from man-eating fairies and random Houdini fire?” Beethoven asked.

Dipper turned to them with the biggest and brightest grin. “There are more paranormal activities happening here other than Gravity Falls!”

“Huzzah!” Mabel shouted. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing mysteries right here at home! Oooooo. I can’t wait to tell Candy and Grenda online. I really need a cellphone!”

Dipper hugged his journal. “I can’t wait to tell Uncle Ford all about this. But he’ll be busy before leaving. I need to right this all down.” Dipper gasped at a suddenly realization. “I should write my own journal!”

Beethoven stood up, just …. Just wished he could speak his mind. “I want to quit right now. But I now I won’t.” Beethoven looked over at Mabel cheering. Just the way she leaped into danger like that made him admire her more. “Hey, if I help them catch some monster, I’ll be popular for once.”

Dyami looked towards the setting sun. “We should get back home. Dinner time will be ready soon.”

“And you get extra points for not calling it supper.” Mabel said.

Dipper also looked toward the sun. “Well whatever’s out there, we’ll find it. No matter what ….. but don’t forget we have school.”

“Oh, booo!” shouted Mabel as the others complained.

“I hate homework.” Beethoven sighed. “Just for that, I’m gonna pound you.”

“Hey.” Mabel protested, which calmed Beethoven.

As they walked through the park, Dipper gave one more glance back at the shrubs. “What was that?” Dipper laid his question to rest as he left to enjoy a fine dinner at home.

Within the bushes stood a creature with gentle emerald eyes watching the kids head home to where they belong, with their families.

Chapter 8Edit

Over at Gravity Falls’ Greasy Diner, Stanley and Stanford were being served flapjacks by the proprietor of the diner, Lazy Eye Susa.

“Enjoy, handsome.”

“M-Me?” asked Stanford Pines, mumbling his words from hope.

“No, you.” Susan pointed at Stanley who quickly hid under the table.

Susan took this as playing hard to get and laughed as she served her next customer.

“Trust me, you don’t want that one.” Stanley rose up. “I still get lost when she list her cats.”

Stanford lightly laughed. “Well we all have weaknesses.”

“Oh I hear you, Stanford Pines.”

The twins looked over and saw Lil’ Gideon sitting at the table next to him. “Oh look, if it isn’t my old competitor who lost this town’s love after I exposed you as a fraud.”

“Oh laugh all you want, Stanford. I mean Stanley.” Gideon folded his widdle chubby arms. “You’re as much as a fraud as I am.”

“Well you’re half wrong there.” Stanley laughed. “Old Ford here is practically Mr. Mystery.”

Stanford chuckled. “Even with my ‘real’ attractions, I wouldn’t be able to introduce them like Soos.”

“Because Soos is fun.” Stanley nudged his brother. “You won’t see him playing your dungeon game. Just something with cardboard disguises or something.”

Gideon hopped off his seat. “Stanford Pines. The real one.” Gideon cleared his throat. “Now I know you and myself once had an alliance with Bill before, which is why it is suitable for me to ask you a …. favor of some sort.”

“Hold on there, Powder-Cover Stump.” Stanley said. “If you think my brother will get you back on top or marry Mabel, you can just forget about it.”

“Wait, you don’t understand. Well people will get hurt.” Gideon quickly shook his hands from seeing the twins’ stern glares. “You have it all wrong. I am holding my promise to be a regular kid.”



Gideon rode on his skateboard down the street with 90’s music playing, until he ran into some garbage cans.

(End Cutaway)

“Look. At school I have come across want you may call ‘bullies’.”

“Oh I see where you’re going.” Stanley said as he lounged. “Cough it all up.”

Gideon explained how his first day back to school was and how well he’d improved. “I used no such manipulating schemes or nothin on my teacher, fellow students, or any other faculties. Why heck, if it wasn’t for Bill, they’ll still consider me public enemy number one. However that all changed when they came along”


Gideon was just walking down the hall, minding his own business, until someone picked him up and tossed him into the closet.

(End Flashback)

“How could anyone do this to Widdle Ol’ Me?”

“Me, Mabel, Dipper. Three, three people right off the bat.” Stanley laughed. “Trust me, everyone have to go through bullying. Even us.” Stanley cracked his knuckles. “And there is only one way to deal with bullies.”

“Stanley, no.” Stanford asked. “Well actually I would freeze Crampelter in a block of ice when given the chance, but I have more important stuff to do.”

“Then clear your calendar.” Stanley said with a grin. “I happened to track down where that overgrown jerk lives through NoLifeBook. I mean the guy practically posted everything in his life like it was some kind of diary.”

“AHEM!” Gideon shouted. “Listen, I know we have our unhealthy history. But as one victim of bullying to another, I would like to borrow a mystical relic or advanced technology so I can destroy my enemies!” Gideon quickly calmed down after a manacle laugh. “I mean scare them off. I can’t get Ghost Eyes and the others to deal with them since they all have been brought back to that retched prison. But they do send me the most fascinating friendship bracelets.”

Stanford shook his head. “Sorry, my knowledge is currently only reserve for my research and family. Which is why I trusted Mabel with a crossbow and brought Dipper into a UFO with highly dangerous security that attack when they sense fear.”

“Alright, we’re having a huge talk about his before the twins get back next summer.” Stanley said sternly. “Wow … am I the one being responsible?”

“We truly are the Senor Mystery Twins.” Stanford said as Stanley chuckled.

“UFO you say?” Gideon asked curiously. “No, that is not the dilemma at hand.” From his hair Gideon took out a piece of paper. “Now Stanford, do you recognize this?”

Stanford looked at the sheet. “I knew I’d noticed a page missing from Journal 2.” Stanford also took notice that it was torn in half and covered in tape, most likely from a one of Gideon’s episodes.

“Yes … so I would like some help with these bullies in exchange for the last piece of knowledge.”

Stanford and Stanley looked at each other, and then both laughed.

“Kid, I’ve made copies of those nerd books the moment I got my hands on them.” Stanley said. “Trust me, turn that fat into muscle and the bullies will run away like a guy who just …... is this joke appropriate? Who cares! Like a guy who just found out his girlfriend is-”

Stanford quickly covered his mouth. “Or you could tell a parent or teacher.” The more knowledgeable sibling suggested. “Did you even see their faces?”

“Well …. No.” Gideon answered.

“Then how are you going to seek revenge?”

“And heck, what if it was the janitor who mistook your hair for a mop and put you in the closet.” Stanley laughed. “Will you say that you just got out of-”

“No Stanley.” Stanford scolded.

Gideon turned red in anger. “My hair is my most treasured possession! No one can possibly mistake it for a mere mortal mop!”

“Here’s my mop.” Then a janitor came by with his cleaning equipment cart. “Looks like mops are envolvin these days like the confusing Japanese cartoon says.”


The Elder Pine Twins just sat there and watch the hilarious moment. “Boy; that was more hilarious than when I took him down. Good old karma. O.K. karma and I have a love-hate relationship.” said Stanley.

“Well at least I have a momentum of the original journals.” Stanford inspected the page’s blank side. “I think I’ve written a whole section here in invisible ink. I’ll check it out later.”

Stanley looked at the T.V. where the News was being broadcast. “Before we go into the weather, here are the lottery numbers.” The lottery machine shot out a single ball. “Only one ball? Hm …. Well it appears today’s number is …. Infinity?”

“Sweet Belgian Waffles!” Stanley shouted in rage. “I kept hearing that word all day! Who could have predicted that?”

Chapter 9Edit

“Welcome to my Shiro.” Candy opened the door to her house and welcomed Grenda and Pacifica inside.

“So this is what a Middle Class house looks like on the inside.” Pacifica, with the party crown in her hands, looked around the living room. She really admired the Japanese style and gave Candy a positive compliment, but still this all felt alien to her. “Are suburban house rooms always this small?”

Candy giggled. “Small by the rich people’s definition?”

Pacifica sat on the comfortable couch as Candy and Grenda brought out their art supplies. “Today I was thinking of sending Mabel something home-made.”

“Home-made?” Pacifica asked. “You mean something made from the walls or floor?”

“Ha! Good one, Pacifica.” Grenda laughed.

“Good what?” asked Pacifica. “So what, we just tear off pieces of the stairs? Cut up the rug?” Pacifica guessed as the two girls looked very confused. “Wait hold on. Does the house itself actually make the gifts?!” Pacifica hopped off and looked around. “Is this Middle Class normal or Paranormal normal?”

“This is worse than we thought.” Candy spoke as Grenda informed Pacifica.

“No, we’ll be making the gifts ourselves. Right here!”

“Oh.” Pacifica said. Then the realization of her action sunk in. She blushed and gave a fake laugh. “Of course that is what home-made means. It’s .. it’s a joke. Heh.”

Candy and Grenda decided to take it and showed her their supplies. Pacifica looked around the paint, crayons, ribbons, tape, and wrapping papers and took notice of how simple they are. After giving a quick glance to her broken nails, she asked the two what was the best ‘beginner’ home-made gift.

“Pacifica. There is no, ‘beginner’ in the arts.”

“But Candy, didn’t you say true art take time and practice to make your vision come to life?” Grenda asked.

“Yes, but I’m being inspiring.” Candy took out an old instant print camera. “Say cheese.” Pacifica acted quickly from her years of training and posed on the spot. After the photo was printed and Candy shook it, she handed it to Pacifica. “Let’s start out with a letter to Mabel.”

Pacifica looked at the photo. “And what’s this for?”

“Mabel loves photos.” Candy said. “She has to know that you’re in the group now.”

“And the camera loves us!” Grenda said with joy. “Now glue that onto your letter.”

“Oh, right.” Pacifica skimmed around the supplies, looking very carefully for the glue, for about five minutes.

“You don’t know what glue is, do you?”

Pacifica jumped a bit from Candy’s question. “I-of course I do!” She picked up the nearest object. “See? Glue.”

“……Yeeeeeessss.” The two girls nodded to what Pacifica considered glue, ketchup.

“Why is there ketchup here?” Candy whispered to Grenda who just shrugged.

After introducing Pacifica to a different type of glue, Pacifica spotted the cow on it. “Is glue made from cows?”

“Yes and sometimes horses.” Candy’s educational lesson quickly turned to a nightmare for Pacifica.

“They … they only do that to old horses, right? Definitely not purebred ponies I had to sell, right?!”

Candy gave the more appropriate answer to calm the blonde girl. “O.K. why not you write down how much you want to change on the middle of the sheet.” Candy handed her a paper.

“Then you pour the glitter all over the empty spots.” Genda demonstrated as she took a handful of glitter and threw it on a piece of paper, creating an exact replica of Picasso’s ‘The Old Guitarist’. “Darn it, I wanted to make a fish!”

Using a pen to best suit her thoughts, Pacifica wrote down the extended apology and about the crown. With a full name signature, Pacifica took the photo of herself and glued it on the top of the sheet.

“Great, now use your imagination. And by that I mean decorate it.” Candy gestured to the art supply to keep Pacifica on the right track.

Pacifica smirked. “It there’s one thing we Northwests are known for, that isn’t horrible, it is our taste of design.”

Grenda and Candy began working on their individual gifts as they keep an eye on Pacifica’s progress.

Pacifica Northwest was true to her words, even if she probably never done this before, she had an eye for creating an attractive letter. Everything about it was well organized and had the right choice of colors to give it a three dimensional effect.

“Well, vela! It’s finished.” Pacifica showed off her finished masterpiece to the girls.

“It’s amazing.” Candy said in amazement.

“I wanna touch it.” Grenda tried reaching for it, but Pacifica pulled it away.

“Don’t want to be rude, but this is very delicate.” Pacifica carefully placed it in an envelope. “All true artwork must be handled with care as much as its value. Especially if the said artwork is a personal message.”

Grenda and Candy clapped. “That was amazing.” Candy spoke with astonish.

Pacifica took the compliments to heart. “Thanks, Candy.” She pondered for a moment. “You know, I think I want to create something original for Mabel.”

“Go for it!” shouted Grenda. “Create something from scratch!”

“Maybe an oven mitten.” Candy suggested. “Mabel loves to cook.”

“An oven mitten?” Pacifica wasn’t quite sure how to create a common tool that would be used in daily activities unlike her letter. “We I’m sure I’m skilled enough to make one.”

(A few moments later)

“…… So I was thinking that I should just stick with artwork instead of house supplies.” Pacifica said with a home-made ….. thing in her hand and a thread needle in her other, bandage covered hand.

“Little tiny baby steps.” Candy said as she took the thing. “But she’ll love it anyway!”

“Why’s that?” asked Pacifica.

“Because your gift came from your heart!” Grenda hugged Pacifica. “With no blood at all!”

Pacifica calmly smiled, trying to take in deep breath. “Grenda …. Air please….” Grenda released Pacifica from her massive strength.

“Well it’s getting late.” Candy said as she carried three boxes. “Time to mail these in.”

Pacifica smiled for her self-achievement of actually doing peasant work and enjoying every minute of it, minus the attempt at oven mitten making.

‘Dear Mabel Pines’

Pacifica, Candy, and Grenda mailed their packages to California as a montage of the delivery played out.

‘I am pleased to announce that I am officially changing my ways. My smaller mansion is not so bad and I now have my very own baby llama. However my two best friends and followers abandoned me since I was not willing or able to cater to their wants. Luckily both Candy and Grenda offered to become my first true friends. Well technically Dipper is my first real friend, and of course you.’

The packages arrived at California and Mabel opened the box from Pacifica and found the well-crafted letter.

‘Candy invited me to her house and I made my first home-made thing.’

Mabel took out the failed attempt of an oven mitten and looked upon it with googly eyes.

‘I know you already forgiven me for all the terrible things I’ve said, but I still feel guilty about my actions to you and everyone else. So as another step toward the new me, I want you to have this. You were the one that truly deserves it.’

‘Your friend, Pacifica Elise Northwest’

Mabel took out the party crown Pacifica had own in the singing contest. “Awwwww.” Mabel turned around and saw Dipper, Beethoven, and Dyami playing a video game.

“Hey Dipper. Pacifica is now BFF with my BFFs!”

“Really?” Dipper turned to his sister. “I’m glad she wants to make herself a better person, unlike her parents.”

“HA, I win!” Beethoven stood up from the couch and cheered. “I’m the best at alllllll video games!” He batted an eye at Mabel. “That I’ve played. Which isn’t a lot. Because I liiiiiifffffffft …. things.”

Dipper smiled and rolled his eyes. “So I guess that ghost I helped bust was the best thing for her.”

“That usually happens after you have an awkward hug with her.” Mabel said as Dipper quickly blushed. “Now I’m gonna try out my new … whatever this is!” Mabel lifted up the failed oven mitten. “All I need now is gum, mayo, and the Waxed Larry King head.”

Chapter 10Edit

The final moments of school were upon the teenage gang. Robbie groaned from impatience, Tambry was being very tempted to use her phone more despite the risk of being spotted by the over-judgmental teacher, Lee and Nate were just in agony from hearing the teacher’s long lecture, and Thompson was on the brink of having a nervous breakdown.

“The first day is almost over and nothing bad happened to me? But that just makes it more likely to have something bad happen to me!” He held his head and rocked back and forth. “How do you deal with this, Wendy? ….. Wendy?”

Wendy, the lumberjack girl who hated High School the most out of any kid there was looking unusually happy. She smiled peacefully as she wrote down the final notes until the bell rung.

“Well that’s it for today, class.” The teacher turned around. “Now don’t forget that you all immediately get homework on the first day of class because I openly hate you all. And I love every minute of it!”

Everyone groaned loudly and the teacher laughed proudly. However he was not too thrilled to see Wendy in such a happy mood. “Well aren’t you a letdown for me?” He handed the homework assignment to each student until he reached Wendy. “You on the other hand get two!”

Wendy took the two sheets with no sign of grief, which caused the teacher to scratch is bald head in confusion. “Alright, what’s with you today?” He glared at the redhead straight in the eyes. “Ever since you entered high school you always acted like these guys.” He gestured to the class. “What’s up with you?”

Wendy tucked the sheets into her folders and tilted the pine tree cap to him. “I got a special date today.”

All her friends raised their heads upon hearing those works.

When they finally left the school grounds, Wendy was met by her groupies during the walk home.

“So Wendy, we overheard that you got a date.” Nate said as they listened closely. “I don’t remember seeing you hooking up with anyone lately.”

“Yeah.” Lee said. “We didn’t see you with anyone ever since you dumped Robbie.”

Robbie and Tambery were checking Wendy’s status updates. “Did this just happen?” Tambry asked as the two couple found nothing.

“Oh …. Not really.” Wendy sheepishly smiled; eluding the answer. “Let’s just say you he exists.”

“Him?” They all looked at each other.

“Can you give us a hint?” Thompson asked.

“Well for one …” Wendy looked over. “Not any of those guys.” Wendy pointed at the Gnomes, which Robbie scared them off quickly.

“And two, we’ve known each other for … a long time. Not too long.” Wendy turned away, hiding her red face.

“Come on, tell us.” Nate pleaded. “How long was it? A few years?”

Wendy tapped her lips. “Naw, not that long. Maybe months.”

“Months?” They all asked each other about any newcomers during the summer. Their discussion flipped through the Mystery Shack Carnival, Woodstick Festival, even that Mayor Debate thing. All they could turn up was nothing. Not a single new teenage boy that they could remember.

“Well if you’re not gonna tell us, why not just go all cheesy on us and describe him?” Robbie sarcastically grunted, but Wendy answered anyway.

“He’s a reeeaaal sweet guy. Every time I’m feeling bummed out after a rough day or something terrible, he’s always there to cheer me up and keep me warm.” She held her arms together. “Just the thoughts of his welcoming warm hug just …. put my mind into a majestic place with no pain or suffering. A true paradise where there’s only truth and love.”

“Wendy, are you O.K.?” Lee asked his sudden gushy, G-rated, love novel speaking friend as she held her head in the clouds. “Were you hanging with Mabel too much during the summer?”

Wendy let out a short laugh. “Funny you should mention …. Never mind.” Wendy laughed as she skipped along from the group. “Sorry to leave you hanging, my place is up ahead. See ya tomorrow.”

She joyfully followed the path into the forest where the Corduroy Cabin lays.

“I am freaking out, man!” Thompson shouted. “Who is she dating!?”

They all thought long and hard until it finally hit Tambry. “Wow, we’re such idiots.” She smiled as she and the rest looked at Wendy. “Who do you think?”

It took them a while for them to truly figure it out. “Of course…”

Wendy walked into her cabin and breathed in the familiar aroma of home. “That was a long day…” She softly smiled as she slowly walked up the stairs and into her room. Dropping her bag, she gently sat on the bed and looked over at the laptop and video camera. “Time for our date.” Wendy reached for a stereo and played some soft, peaceful music. The teen then took a deep breath and removed the pine tree cap delicately. She took a moment to stare at the hat of her best friend before placing it on her dresser and reaching for the laptop, only to instead wrap herself in her blanket.

“Did you miss me, bed?” Wendy then started snuggling the blanket and brushing her face into the pillow. “I missed you all day. School’s so boooring there without you.” She covered the blanker over her body, leaving her face only half covered. “And now for our daily, one-hour date. Just you and me, my bed.”

Wendy laid in her one true bed, enjoying the warm embrace of her blanker, the gentle to the touch bedsheets, and the wonderfully fluffed pillow that made her feel like she’s floating on a cloud in the fast sky. She is truly in love.

Chapter 11Edit

"Are we all ready?" A man asked the town folks of Gravity Falls who were all equipped with instruments.

"And a one-a and a two-a and a-"

"A musical sounds awesome, but Melody's moving in today!" Soos drove passed the small concert and reached at his destination, a newly rented home in the suburb.

He arrived just in time when another car pulled in and a lovely woman stepped out. "Soos!"


The two ran toward each other for an abrasive huge, but both tripped on their own feet and landed face first on the solid concrete. They looked at each other and just laughed it off. Soos helped Melody up and they both kissed.

"It's so cool that you're here right now!" Soos said. "You are gonna love it here in Gravity Falls. There's an arcade, a water tower, a movie theater, a secret bunker with an evil shapeshifting monster frozen inside, and that mailbox."

Melody gave a hearty laugh. "But I know the best part you left out."

"What's that?" Soos asked.

"You!" Melody gave him a peck on the cheek, causing the man-child to blush. "The moving truck won't arrive for another two hour; why not show me around town?"

"But Melody, didn't you stay here for a few weeks when we met?"

"I know, but I want the proper tour from you."


Soos and Melody turned to see the Gnomes gushing. "Is she available to be our Gnome Queen?" Then a puppy came over and carried Jeff away like a stuffed animal. "Hey, let me go! Gnomes, help meeeee!" the leader called out as the others gave chase.

"Well that happened." Melody felt weirded out by that, but just as long as there are no obsessive videogame characters, or a magician, she's perfectly fine.

Soos drove Melody around town and pointed at all the buildings and scenery. "And that there's the statue of the founder of Gravity Falls, that's being replaced right now."

"Why's that? They've made a new one?"

"Nope, because the little dudes discovered that he was a fraud and that the real founder was frozen in peanut brittle. Wish I could taste it." They parked and noticed a man standing next to Mayor Tyler. "Look, there he is right now."

Soos pointed to the true founder, Quentin Trembley. "It's great to see history being fixed. Well I could have done it alone, with ducktape." The 8 1/2th president then jumped onto his horse and road it down the one way traffic. "Cars are Of-The-Cipher!"

The two laughed and Soos noticed something else to point at. "And there's Mr. and Mrs. Northwest dressed like turtles who know Ninjutsu." Soos pointed at the rich couple dressed in trench coats, sunglasses, and black caps. "Hey Northwests! It's me, Soos. Remember the guy who was the Question Mark on the wheel. Like your daughter was the Llama and had to hold hands with McGucket who was Glasses?"

"Our cover has been blown!" Both Northwests leaped into two filled garbage cans with questionable content. "Ahhh, this is even worse!"

The two shared another laugh as Melody assumed they were not really nice people. "Anything else you want to show me?"

Soos pondered as he scanned his surroundings. "I got it." Soos snapped his fingers. "I have to introduce you to the Mystery Shack."

"Of course." Melody said. "I should get a head start to know of the basic of my new job."

It only took a short moment to park in front of the Mystery Shack where Stanley and Stanford were working on their Stan-O-War II.

"And there's the original Man of Mystery himself." He then whispered. "I'm working on a statue of him. Don't spoil it."

Melody nodded as they walked up and greeted the two men. "Hey, my name's Melody. Soos's girlfriend."

She strongly grasped their hands and shook.

"Nice arm there." Stanley complimented as he felt his hand. "Ow, gonna feel that tomorrow." Stanley shook his hand and smiled. "So you're working at the Mystery Shack now, what's your title?"

"She's going to be our new cashier girl." Soos said.

"Don't worry, I know math better than any high school graduate."

Speaking of high school…

"Hey Soos, Melody!" Wendy came over with a happy grinned. "Just took my afternoon nap of the day, a hobby I was just getting back into after like a week of school."

"A week without Dipper and Mabel." Soos quietly sighed to himself.

Wendy cracked her fingers. "I'm ready to know what the plans are now, Mr. Ramirez?"

Melody turned to Soos, wondering what she means.

"Yeah, she was the cashier girl during the summer. But you'll be here full time and Wendy you got school. But you'll still need the money and no one else in Gravity Falls will hire you."


Dipper was doing his homework until he felt something. "Why do I have an urge to become an employer?"

(End Cutaway)

Soos thought for a long moment before coming up with his brilliant plan. Soos threw her an over-sized question mark shirt and his old cap. "You are now the part-time Handy Gal."

Wendy eyed the shirt and at Soos. "Soos, I'm not used to fixing things. Let alone keeping them fixed." She laid Soos's old cap down without offending him. "Plus the only time I'll be switching hats is when Dipper comes back."


Dipper stopped doing his homework again and looked up. "This is weird."

(End Cutaway)

"Which is why I'll be your role model for the rest of the school year." Soos said proudly.

"At least you made it through high school." Wendy spoke to herself. "Well I guess I can give it a try, but are there any legal stuff against a 15 year-old teen fixing appliances?"

"Naaaaw. I was the handyman since I was 12." Soos said proudly as Stanley slowly slips away.

"Well I would talk to you more." Stanford said as he checked his watch. "But I have to speak with Dipper on the phone. Apparently the kids found a fairy castle in Piedmont."

"A fairy castle?" Wendy said with a hint of irritation. "They weren't as sweet as the unicorns, were they?"

"Actually the first thing I heard was there they were all tomboys." Stanford said as Wendy gave out a 'wot'. "I'll talk to you all later. After I speak with Dipper I'll have to continue preparing our trip ….. where's Stanley?"

When Stanford left, Soos took Melody into the Mystery Shack. "Welcome to the Mystery Shack." Soos introduced the museum. "In this very room contains only a small bit of all the paranormal activities in Gravity Falls. Be amazed!" Soos slid to the first attraction and removed the cloth. "The incredible Dingo Bingo!"

Melody giggled and laughed at the taxidermy of an elderly-dressed Dingo playing Bingo.

"Bravo." Melody cheered.

"And that's not all! I would like to introduce to you the most horrifying thing imaginable. A diagram of a tax collector's mind!"

Soos and Melody went through each exhibit, finishing off with one that puzzled Meldoy. "What do you call this one?"

Soos looked at the exhibit. "Hmmmm. Looks like an exact replica of my Abuelita."

"Because I am your Abuelita, Soos." Soos's grandmother said before turning to Melody with open arms. "Melody!"

"Abuelita!" The two women shared a heartwarming hug. "I haven't seen you since Soos's cousin's wedding. Soos told me about that awful fire."

"Don't worry about it." Melody waved her hand. "These things happens. Or if it was from some fire monster." Melody playfully elbowed Soos. "Got any dragons here?"

"Haven't seen any here." Soos said. "But now I'm kind of shocked there weren't any dragons. Just a p-terodactyl."

"I'll be on it, eventually." Stanford passed by. "Stanley, Stanley?"

"So … have you or anyone else tried telling the news station, government, or even scientists about this place?" Melody asked; only to receive a shrug from Soos.

"And this is where your work station is, the gift shop." Soos brought Melody into the Gift Shop and showed her all the Stan-bobble heads, Question Mark T-shirts, Snow globes, and pencils with those cheap erasers that just smug writing instead of actually erasing it.

"And this is Mr. Pines most treasured possession, the cash register." Soos pressed a button to make the 'ching' sound. "I think there's an elf in there with a bell."

Melody took a seat at the counter and observes her new work space.

Work, work was something Melody kind of hated. Sure she's used to it and doesn't truly get sick of it, but it was something that it represents, being a boring adult. She talked with Soos about how life was better before paying bills and whatnot. She'll rather ride those metal rides in malls and go to some child pizza place instead of putting on a suit.

But here, it seemed so different.

"Soos." Melody looked at her boyfriend and smiled. "You've worked here all your life. Did you ever have another job where no only really have a positive attitude, and it's located in a boring white room with the lights making that annoying buzz, or that no one really treats each other as a family and instead steal all the tip money and blame it on a customer who wasn't wearing the same colored shirt as them?"

"Nope." Soos shook his head. "Well except for one day when Gideon took over the shack, I've been here all the time, and why would I want another job? The Mystery Shack is where I get to listen to Mr. Pines's stories, help him out with his ideas, spend time with him and the dudes, have random dance parties, fight the monster of the day, and also comfort each other when we get sad. I guess having different job is kind of boring."

Melody leaped from her chair and wrapped her arms around Soos's neck. "You have no flippin idea!"

Chapter 12Edit

“Hi, the name’s Mabel.” Mabel introduced herself in front of the camera. “I’ll be your lovely host as we read fan-mail.” Mabel took the first letter and opened it.

‘Hello you beautiful cutie, Mabel.’

“Oh go ooooon.” Mabel laughed bashfully.

‘Can you tell us Dipper’s real first name?’

“What a wonderful answer.” Mabel shouted. “Now as you all know, Dipper isn’t an official first name, yet! We gave him that because of his birthmark. So what did we call him before that nickname stuck? Today is the day that this mystery can be finally put to rest. Drum roll please!” Mabel rushed to a stereo and played a drumroll soundtrack. “Dipper Pines’s real name is….”

“Mabel, who are you making this for?” Dipper walked on screen and noticed the letter Mabel was reading. “Is that your handwriting?”

“Dipper, you’re ruining my moment.” Mabel frowned and turned her back. “What business do you have here, Killer of Entertainment?”

Dipper pointed out the door of her room. “I was just going to tell you that everyone got our email addresses and sent us one mail each.”

With that said, Mabel dashed straight to Dipper’s room, pulling the poor kid by his wrist.


Dipper pulled himself up from the floor and checked the inbox. “Looks like we each both got the same emails from everyone which includes one from Soos, Wendy, both our Grunkles, Pacifica with Candy and Grenda, and Old Man McGucket.”

“Open the one from my girlfriends first! Do it!” Mabel jumped up and down in joy.

Dipper smiled from his sister’s energetic nature and opened the email. The email contained a picture of the three girls smiling happily for the photo together. Pacifica was without a doubt actually happy to be seen with them.

“I’m really proud of her.” Dipper said. “She went from being the worst to being friendly and nice.”

“I’ll ship you two, next summer.” Mabel whispered.

“What was that?”

“I said I’ll ship you two, next summer.” Mabel said out loud with a huge grin, causing the boy to blush.

“Mabel, really?”

“I’m still working on it.” Mabel laughed. “Now read!”

Dipper shook off what Mabel said before and read the email out loud. “Theater style is annoying to read sometimes.”

Candy: “Dipper, Mabel. We got your email addresses. Yay for us!”

Grenda: “Mabel! How do you handle rich boyfriends who don’t know the meaning of me-time? I love him a lot and want to make this work, but sometimes people can do something annoying that’s not really a the worst thing, but could have some emotional problems if handled wrong. You know what I mean, girl?”

“Oh I cannot forget this one.” Mabel wrote down a reminder. “Dipper, do not be too clinging.”

“Whatever you say.” Dipper looked at one from Pacifica, who wrote more formally, a small relief to Dipper.

‘Dear Dipper and Mabel Pines’

‘I hope you got my package in one piece. From my artistic letter you must already know that I am now friends with your friends, which I hope doesn’t end up with a fight for the alpha title. But anyway, I’ve done quite a good amount of accomplishments during the first week of school. Which includes but not limited to…

-Donating to charity

-Playing a peasant sport called Soccer or football. It’s complicated when different continents are involved.

- Swinging on a swing

-And playing with my infant llama I’d named Pearl.

Dipper scrolled down to a photo of a baby llama playing with a ball. “OH MY GOSH! OOOOHHH MY GOOOOSH!” From seeing the adorable photo, Mabel had no choice but to run around in gush. “Too cute! Too cute! Too cute!” This lasted for a good five minutes.

“Are you done?” the unamused Dipper asked his sister.

“Yep.” Mabel said without a sweat. “Read on.”

‘I hope to talk to both of you more. Please keep in touch.’

Candy: “Us too!”

Grenda: “Pacifica spent a lot of time working on that last sentence for some reason. Oh well.”

“HMMMMMM!” Mabel hummed loudly as she put on her skepticals. “Could this mean a potential match?”

“We only really hung out at that party.” Dipper said.

“But would you go on a date with her?” Mabel grinned, making Dipper feel nervous. “Uhhh, we should check the other emails.”

“Oh yeah!” Mabel pushed her brother away and opened Soos’s. “Yes, Melody already moved in and she’s working at the Mystery Shack. Also Wendy’s the Handy-Gal now.” She turned to her brother and waved her finger. “Now don’t you go thinking about what Wendy’s new uniform looks like on her.”

Dipper rolled his eyes and folded his arms. “I won’t …….. darn it, Mabel!”

Mabel laughed as she read out Soos’s email.

‘Yo sup dudes. Being Mr. Mystery is awesome. I came up with so many stories, I wrote an entire journal about it. Also Melody finally moved in and we are awesome at the shack, thanks again for helping me with girls.’

“Love Expert right here.” Mabel pointed to herself.

‘Boy I was lucky I had this job my entire life. Melody told me all the boring adult jobs she had to work ever since she graduated high school.’

“And here I was complaining about that not so musical place.” Mabel said before saying ‘blah’.

‘Also living in the shack is the best. I haven’t realized how small my old place was. I don’t even miss it. We are planning so many things in the shack to make it more like a house for Abuelita. We’ve already fixed up the room where those old freaky wax were stored. Also the Larry King Head lives with us. Say hi, Larry.’

‘So you’re using a computer? Tell me about that?’

‘I’m working on a remote control car for him to drive around in. It’s gonna be sweet. Talk to you dudes later. Can’t wait to do video chat.’

“And I am already working on that.” Mabel took out a catalog of different computer cameras. “I’m thinking of a pink one.”

Dipper checked the next email and took a deep breath. “Wendy….” He adjusted the Lumberjack hat on top of his head and opened the email.

‘Sup, dorks. Been doing great here with my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?!” Dipper shouted in a short panic, but quickly regained himself. He took a deep breath as he reminds himself of their talk after the bunker and what Grunkle Stan had told him.

‘My bed.’

“Wait what?” Dipper scrolled down to see Wendy lounging in bed. “Is she serious?” Dipper scrolled down to see more.

‘This will be you in a few years and all the way till your dead. Deal with it.’

“During the day? Blasphemy!” shouted Mabel.

‘School’s been super boring as usual and now that I know you two exists, we’re all bored-er now more than ever. Also don’t tell my English teacher I said ‘bored-er’.’

Another photo showed Wendy and her friends making sad faces.

‘We’re all still being cool, but we will do anything to get you back here. Hope you have the best teenagehood life will throw at you. If you have any problems that DOES NOT have anything to do with the birds and the bees, just email or call me, I’m all ears. But seriously, ask your folks about the birds and the bees.’

Dipper looked back at the first photo to see Wendy wearing his pine tree hat. “She still has it.” Dipper placed a hand on Wendy’s old hat, fondly remembering his dear friend and crush. “You’re so cool.”

Mabel could easily tell what Dipper’s feeling right now. He’s just sitting there with his heads in the clouds without noticing she’s painting his nose blue. “We’re getting you a girlfriend.” Mabel thought to herself.

Dipper finally broke his train of thoughts. “Mabel, what does she mean by the birds and bees?”

“NEVER AGAIN!” Mabel shouted, scaring the boy off his chair. Mabel quickly grabbed the keyboard and opened the letter from the Grunkles. “The Grunkles sayzzzzzzz!”

‘Hey kids. I’m finally using a computer like you darn kids use now. This is Stanley by the way. Stanford’s still busy with our trip and refuses to go online again, so he gave me a list for you kids to check out.

‘Dipper Pines, you’ve done a fine job with the fairies. Now I know to never go by stereotypes, even though I’d almost died countless of times in the past because of going by stereotypes. Anyway, I’ve done some research on the mysterious flames you’ve documented and I am not too sure what it could mean. Unless you’ve uncovered the answer, I’ll have to get back to you after our month-long trip to the ocean. I can’t wait to share my findings with you after we get back. See you soon and good luck in school’

‘Now it’s your fun uncle’s turn again.’

‘Fairies, what next? So I’m proud to say that Soos is doing a great job at the shack. I just hope his grandmother doesn’t girly up the place. I know there’s plenty of room here, but it was still my castle. Well Ford’s castle, you get the picture. And don’t forget if you come across a bully, use nature’s snooze button. See ya, kids! Now let’s see what all the fuss is about with this internet.’

‘On second thought, DON’T! Forget it ever existed!’

‘From your Great Uncles’

“So nothing on those flames.” Dipper recalled the fire that saved their lives. “I know for a fact that it came from something alive, just what kind of creature was it?”

“We can work on that later with Beethoven and ooooh, Dyami.” Mabel sighed. “But still, I hope they’ll be safe out in sea. Sharks are nasty man-eating machines.”

“They’re actually docile and don’t technically eat people.” Dipper informed his sister. “We’re too boney for their taste unlike fish or seals. Did you know they can actually taste with their teeth? Also when one tears off, another tooth behind it takes its place so-”

“Dork alert!” Mabel opened the next email from McGucket.

‘Dipper, Mabel. I’m living the dream now. I live in that old Northwest Mansion and I’m going to fill it up with stuff I’ll buy with money. We he he he. I may have my sanity back, but my personality will stay the same! Only with more manners and what the cool kids say these days, ‘hygiene’.’

‘But lately I was feeling that I’m missing something. Something that money cannot buy. Got any suggestions?’

Mabel poked her cheek in pure thoughts. “Tell him friends and family.”

“On it.” Dipper responded with what Mabel said and sent it right to McGucket. “Wait, doesn’t he have issues with his son?”

“Well that message might lead to something.” Mabel smiled. “So is that all the emails?”

“Looks like it.” Dipper then noticed a new one popping up. “Hey, it’s from Dyami.”

“MINE!” Mabel jumped in and opened the email.

‘Dear Dipper and Mabel Pines’

‘I have just watched the most horrible experience on television. A show called ‘Clam and Lips’. As of right now I’m writing a letter to the studio to get it off the air. They should definitely take care of this properly. I’ve written it very clear so they won’t cancel a different show by mistake. Now I’m gonna watch this space travel show I was interested in. I wonder how many seasons it will get.’

‘Talk to you all later, Dyami’

“Clam and Lips?” Mabel said and shivered. “Why don’t I like saying that out loud?”

“I wouldn’t thing too much about it.” Dipper closed the window and opened up a word document. “So, what do you want to write to everyone?”

“Everything!” The twins began their emails to all their friends, playfully arguing with one another on what to say and who should type it and arguing with the computer about the photo limit use.




“Why is my nose blue?!”

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