I couldn't sleep. My new neighbor was being even creepier lately than she normally was. At least she didn't sleep in the shack anymore, and her trailer was a comfortable distance away. The book had told me not to trust anyone, and I most certainly did not trust her. I noticed that she had a habit of changing topic if I asked her a question she didn't want to answer. She would normally point out a bird or pretend to be my sister instead. And ever since she had started acting weirder, we started having paper and cracker shortages. I had to find out what she was up to. If only I could see inside her trailer, figure out what secrets she was hiding. Eventually, despite my restlessness, I fell asleep.

     I awoke to someone screaming. It was still dark out, I could have been asleep for less than an hour.

I checked the bed next to mine to make sure Mabel was still there. She still was, snuggling up with Waddles, her pet pig. The scream hadn't sounded like Stan's, so I decided to go downstairs and investigate.

    I almost immediately saw a greenish glow coming from Stan's office. I could hear the faint murmur of voices from behind the door. I creeped up to the door and tried to eaves drop. The First voice was unmistakably that of my neighbor(I keep forgetting her name). As I creeped closer to understand what they were saying, and to my horror, one of the floorboards moaned under my weight. "Shhhh! Did you guys hear that?" She whispered. Guys I thought to myself. There must be more than one other person with her. But who?

There was a pause, and a little bit of nervous laughter. Another voice suddenly spoke "Ha! I bet Trent's screaming woke someone up 'ahh, help I'm afraid of water.' Good job, buddy." I froze. Because the voice belonged to.... me.