Pacifica's POV

Chapter 1Edit

The soft, bluish-silver of the moon rippled its colors over the surface of a dark, velvety-blue. Stars sparkled in the sky, silhouetting the tall pine trees that stretched to the heavens above. Bugs were chirping rhythmically at different frequencies throughout the forest. The only noise besides the soft singing of the bugs was the crunching of my feet on the dry summer ground. I ran my fingers through my thick blonde hair, fixing it.

My parents had forgotten to pick me up again. They had started forgetting more and more, and I was beginning to see them less every day. I avoided kicking up dust and getting my boots dirty. My parents would kill me if I got them dirty. My thoughts cut off as I thought I felt myself beginning to sweat. Please no! I exclaimed desperately in my head.

Hope fluttered in my chest as the trees thinned and opened up into what looked like a clearing. I was almost there! I hurried forward excitedly. I skidded to a stop as I found that I had only made it to the Mystery Shack: home of the Pines.

I stomped my foot angrily on the ground as I remember Mabel, one of the Pines twins that became my enemy the minute I met her. Immediately upon being reminded, I was plunged back into a recent memory; one that had happened just a few days earlier.

The sun hung in the middle of the sky, casting beams of light on Gravity Falls. I felt the heat of the sun beat down on my head. Scoffing, I fanned myself with my hand. I stepped up to the front door of Greasy’s Diner.

“What does it take to get some shade around here? I growled, opening the door of the diner. Immediately upon entering, everyone in the diner turned their attention to me.

“Good afternoon, Pacifica! It’s great to see you here!” Many of the people greeted as I walked past them. I accepted their praises and greeting, taking all of the fame and attention. My pride shattered as I saw her sitting there.

“Mabel,” I snarled under my breath. Ever since she came to Gravity Falls, she was the only one that had stood up to me. And she always somehow found a way to humiliate me.

Shortly after seeing her, I noticed that she and her dorky brother were getting up and beginning to leave. Acting nonchalant, I walked by Dipper and knocked the tray of leftover food that he was holding into him with my elbow. The food bounced off the tray and all over Dipper. Surprised, Dipper stumbled to the ground and the rest of the leftovers spilled over him. All chatter in the room faded and all eyes shifted to me and the two twins.

“I’m sorry. Did I hit something of your? I just noticed that your outfit was missing something,” I taunted. Laughs erupted through the diner.

Trying not to show his embarrassment, Dipper picked up the tray he had dropped and wiped the spilled food as best as he could off of him with his hand. Mabel stepped in between me and Dipper and glared at me. I heard a few people cooing in surprise as she did.

“Leave him alone Pacifica!” She ordered. “He didn’t do anything to you!”

“He got in my way,” I responded. “That sounds like doing something to me.”

“I don’t understand why you’re always in my way,” I scoffed.

“We’ve done nothing to bother you ever since we got here!” Mabel argued. “Why don’t you just leave us alone?!”

Suddenly, Mabel thrust her arms forward pushing me back. I was unable to respond fast enough as I stumbled back from the strength of the push. I hit someone behind me. Before I knew it, a tray of food spilled over my head and all over me. I toppled to the ground, feeling the unknown food content squelching between my legs and fingers. The room fell dead silent, and a few gasps escaped some peoples’ throats. Mabel glared down at me, her eyes showing no remorse or guilt.

“Sorry. I noticed your attitude was missing something,” Mabel grunted. She turned around, grabbed Dipper’s arm, and left the diner.

As soon as the door closed and the twins were out of sight, the room exploded with cacophonous laughs. My cheeks burned. I looked down to keep everyone from seeing that I was embarrassed. Mabel had yet again managed to humiliate me. I stood up and hurried out the door, avoiding all eye contact.

I was brought back to the present, where the moon, now glowing an alluring white, shone and cast a shadow over the Mystery Shack. I growled angrily and kicked a loose rock that was lying at my feet. It bounced and skittered across the ground. Just this once…I wanted to get back at Mabel without making a fool of myself.

A powerful laugh suddenly drowned out all of the sounds of the night. It echoed through the air, making it impossible to pinpoint where it came from or who owned it. Wind started to tug at my dress and my hair, and it stirred the leaves on the ground around my feet. Finally, all of the dark colors of the night disappeared in a chaotic vortex to be replaced by simple grays and whites. When the vortex disappeared, the last trace of color exploded into a strange figure.

The figure revealed itself to be a man. He was tall and thin, with no lingering trace of muscle anywhere. He was wearing a yellow suit, black dress pants, brown dress shoes, and black gloves. He had a top hat on his head, pale blond hair, and a bow tie around his neck. Finally, he had an eye patch over his right eye. The eye that was not covered was only a slit pupil. As he appeared, his feet didn’t touch the ground; but he stayed elevated a few inches above the ground.

“Well, well, well...Pacifica Northwest. Long time no see, probably because we’ve never seen each other before!” The man laughed. His voice was nasally and was higher pitch than I was expecting. He also sounded like he was taunting me. “I should give you a welcoming gift. Like this bird’s eye!”

He opened his palm and an eyeball landed on it. He offered it to me, but I recoiled from it in disgust. “Aw, not a fan of seeing things from the sky? I understand, Northwest. It’s kinda boring up there anyway,” The man sighed, still sounding as though he was taunting me. I knew every person in Gravity Falls, and they knew me. But I had no idea who or what this man was. I was even more confused as to how he knew my name. The man floated down closer.

“I know what you’re thinking, and I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself,” He apologized. He removed his top hat, put it on his chest, and bowed. Suddenly, without my consent, I grabbed the edges of my dress and curtseyed back to the man. “I’m Bill Cipher, and I’m the man of your dreams.”

My neck hairs prickled with discomfort, and I backed up instinctively. The one thing that my parents had told me was to not talk to strangers. I opened my mouth to tell him when he interrupted me with a short cackle.

“No…no I meant literally. I am in your dreams right now,” Bill answered, still laughing to himself.

“You’re in my head?” I responded. “That’s extremely creepy.”

“The job of a Dream Demon is a hard one,” Bill answered.

“That’s it. I’m done here,” I replied, beginning to walk away.

“If you leave me now, you’ll be trapped in your mindscape forever and no one will see you!” Bill called after me.

I stopped in my tracks, feeling my shoulders tense up in anger. This guy was starting to get on my nerves. I folded my arms over my chest. Without turning around, I let Bill know that I was still listening to him.

“I’m gonna bet that you’re angry about Mabel Pines,” He predicted. “And all the times she’s done something to you lately?”

I turned my head around over my shoulder. “You know Mabel?” I asked.

“You’d be surprised who I know,” Bill cackled.

“You know the Pines, don’t you?” I guessed, folding my arms over my chest and cocking my eyebrow.

“…Yes…but I know more people than that, and you’d be surprised about more people that I know,” Bill declared awkwardly.

I rolled my eyes and turned away. I took a step. Before I could take another one, Bill floated in front of me and stopped me in my tracks. His arms were behind his back and his face was stern.

“But I am here for a reason,” He insisted. He circled around me, putting his arms on my shoulders. Although I had only met him a few minutes ago, I was still comforted by him. “It must have been terrible…all those times Mabel Pines has humiliated you,” He sighed. I looked up to see that he was projecting past times Mabel had embarrassed me. I looked angrily down at the ground. He didn’t need to remind me. “I bet for once you wanna get. Her.” He leaned into my ear and whispered, “Back,” Into it. I inhaled deeply. My heart fluttered, but I didn’t know why. I felt the weight of Bill’s hands lift off my shoulders. He flew in front of me and reached his right arm forward, opening for me to shake it. A blue flame was engulfing his hand. “I’m here to say that I understand your pain…”

I looked up at Bill. The blue of the flame defined his face. He had a look on his face that looked like understanding. The flame was producing alluring warmth on my face. It felt so promising. I almost reached forward and shook it, but I hesitated.

“You want revenge,” Bill suddenly chimed in. I looked up at him in surprise. “And I can give you that, if you do a little something for me. All you need to do is shake my hand.”

I looked at Bill and then back down at his hand. Revenge. The word sounded amazing. All I needed to do was shake his hand and do a favor for him. I hesitated for a moment. What favor did I have to do for him? I paused again. I shouldn’t really make deals with strangers that I didn’t know; especially ones that could float. I looked at the blue flames again. Taking in a deep breath, I finally grabbed Bill’s hand. The blue flames enveloped my hand, but I didn’t get burned.

“So…what favor did you want me to do for you?” I asked once we had broken the handshake.

“Well…first I was wondering if I could use you,” Bill answered.

“You were wondering if you could what?” I questioned.

“I can’t be seen without a vessel. If I were to inhabit your body…oh, whatever, I’ll just show you,” Bill babbled.

I had no idea what he was talking about. I blinked. When I opened my eyes, Bill was gone without a trace. His echoing laugh was the only evidence that he had once been there. The colors of the night had returned. A sharp pain rippled through my brain like a strike of lightning.

“Pretty impressive, right?” A voice that sounded like Bill’s rang in my head.

“What the?! What are you doing?! Get out of my head, you creep!” I yelled.

“Whoa, whoa, relax kid!” Bill ordered.

“Relax?! How can I relax?! I didn’t agree to let you live inside me!” I barked. “What makes you think I can just let you do this?”

I suddenly lost all control of my body. “There, that’s better,” My mouth moved but I hadn’t said that, and Bill’s voice was coming out of it. I noticed that Bill was controlling my body. “Like I said a few minutes ago, I can’t be seen without a vessel to possess. To get your revenge, I need to be in this physical world. I’m not invading any privacy or anything. I’m just here with you to give you advice and tell you what to do. Now, if you don’t want me to take complete control over your body and make you…say…jump in a mud puddle-“

“You wouldn’t dare…” I growled.

“I would…” Bill answered. “So, unless you want me to do that, I suggest you calm down, do as I say, and not yell at me.”

“Fine,” I sighed.

“There’s a good girl,” Bill praised, making the taunting tone in his voice very obvious. After saying that, I regained control over my body.

“So what do you want me to do?” I wondered. I was glad I was alone so I wouldn’t look stupid talking to myself.

“Just sit tight for now. It’s late…and I know from personal experience that you humans need your rest,” Bill answered. (coughcough sock opera reference coughcough).

“My house is still pretty far from here,” I pointed out.

“Not an issue,” Bill answered.

A blast of wind slapped me in the face and the colors swirled around me. Everything moved fast and a wave of dizziness rippled through my head. I felt my stomach twist as the world spun underneath my feet.

Cool air hit my face and I finally landed on solid ground. I lost my balance and stumbled to the side. Instead of catching myself on a tree trunk, I caught myself on a wall. I looked to see that I was in front of my house on the porch. When I regained my balance, I stepped forward to the door. Before I reached the doorknob, my butler opened the door for me.

“Welcome back, Miss Northwest,” He welcomed. He looked at me as I passed him. “You’re looking pale. Are you alright, Miss?”

“No…no I’m fine. It was just a long walk back home. I just need to rest,” I insisted, heading up to my room.

When I made it to my room, I sat in my bed. I sank into it, feeling comforted by its warmth. I sat there for a while and contemplated what had just happened, when Bill chimed in. I had forgotten he was there.

“Man, you look like you’ve seen a ghost. Or…I guess you’ve seen a demon in this case,” He observed. I heard him snicker at his own joke. I couldn’t help rolling my eyes. “But seriously…you’ve never seen teleporting before?”

“Actually…as a matter of fact, I haven’t,” I responded. “How did you do that?” I lost control of my body again. Bill reached up and tapped my forehead with my finger.

“Dream Demon, remember? If we stay like this long enough, you will be able to do it without my assistance.”

“Could you stop doing that?” I asked as he let me have my body back.

Without waiting for an answer, I removed my shoes, my jacket, and belt. I squirmed underneath the cover of my bed, feeling the warmth of the blankets envelope me. I reached up and clapped the lights off. Almost as soon as the room went dark and I closed my eyes, I was fast asleep.

I woke slowly up the next morning. The night had been relatively dreamless. I heard strange noises. I noticed after listening more closely that it was Bill that was making those noises.

“What are you doing?” I questioned him, reaching over my nightstand to grab my hairbrush.

“Waiting for you to wake up,” Bill replied nonchalantly. “Did you know that our voices can make a variety of different noises?”

“I was aware, thanks,” I responded sarcastically.

“Anyway…I thought it was about time I told you what I want you to do,” Bill continued.

“Hold on…first I want to get ready,” I announced.

“You wanna what?” Bill asked.

“Get ready,” I repeated. “You know…liked getting dressed, brushing my teeth, putting on makeup…any of this ringing a bell?”

“Obviously not,” Bill declared.

“Well don’t worry. It should only take an hour or so,” I assured him.

“One hour! - No..!” Bill exclaimed. “I can’t afford to waste lots of time.”

“And I can’t afford to go out there looking like a wreck,” I argued.

Bill took control of my arm and snapped my fingers. Immediately I was wearing an ocean-blue tank top with a short, black shrug over it. A white scarf was wrapped around my neck, and I had on a white miniskirt with black leggings underneath. Finally, I had white boots with high heels that reached up to my shins on. My makeup was done, and I had silver, sparkling earrings that dangled almost to my shoulders on my ears.

“Wow…” I gasped. “This would have taken me a long time to pick.”

“I know…” Bill murmured. “I just got what colors you felt like wearing today based on your mood and put it on you.”

“I thought you said you weren’t going to invade my privacy,” I mumbled judiciously.

“It’s hard not to find out what you’re feeling when all you think about is clothes,” Bill retorted.

“Hm…I don’t know if this is really the fashion I’m looking for,” I taunted. “I think I’m feeling more pink today…”

“No!” Bill yelled, interrupting me.

“That’s what I thought,” I snorted. I started heading out of my room. “So what did you want me to do?”

“Simple,” Bill declared. “I need you to go to the Mystery Shack and-“

“No way!” I barked. “I am not going in there!”

“That’s not a problem,” Bill chortled. Before I could realize what he was doing, he took over my body again. I grumbled angrily. I need to find a way to keep him from doing that.

He started walking to a drawer. He fumbled through a few of them until he finally pulled out a pair of scissors. Small beads of sweat formed on my forehead. What was he going to do with those? He opened the scissors and held them up to the shrug over my shoulders. He closed them on the edge just before the blade cut into the fabric, threatening to cut it.

“Now what were you saying about not going to Mystery Shack?” Bill asked.

“Okay, okay, okay! I’ll do what you say!” I stammered desperately. “Please just…stop.”

Bill laughed and put the scissors back in the drawer. I got control of my body again. I walked out the door and down the stairs. I was about to walk outside my door when my butler stopped me.

“Wait Miss Pacifica!” He called to me. “What about breakfast?”

Upon hearing the word, my stomach growled. I stopped in my tracks and turned back to my butler. I lifted my hands to reject his offer for fear that Bill would overtake my body and my butler would think that I had lost it.

“No…I’m not hungry,” I rejected. My stomach growled again.

“You humans and your basic needs…” Bill grumbled. “Go and eat.”

“No, Bill…it’s fine,” I whispered to Bill out of the corner of my mouth.

“Miss Pacifica? Are you sure you’re feeling alright?” My butler asked. I could hear the concern in his voice.

“You want to keep a low profile. I can sacrifice time if it will keep people from thinking you’re crazy,” Bill insisted.

“Yeah, sorry. I’ll be right there,” I told my butler.

Chapter 2Edit

I ate breakfast quickly. When I finished, I hurried out the door. “I don’t know when I’ll be back! Probably late!” I called.

“Wait! Where are you” - I closed the door before he could finish the question I knew he was asking. I didn’t want to tell anyone where I was going.

“You have a weird lifestyle. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more food in one place before. How do you humans ever get anything done?” Bill wondered.

“Why do you need to get everything done so fast?” I retorted. “You need to learn to pace yourself.”

“Oh you don’t wanna know the answer to that,” Bill informed. “Trust me.”

“You’re weird,” Was my only response.

Bill took control over my arm and slapped me in the face. I froze for a second, surprised that he had just done that. Bill laughed hysterically, as if what he had done was the funniest thing in the world.

“Hey, watch it!” I scoffed. “Don’t forget that I have the power to call off the deal.”

“Whoa, whoa…we don’t have to go there,” Bill warned. “I’m sorry. I probably won’t mess around with you anymore. Just go to the Mystery Shack and I’ll tell you what to do there.”

“You’re asking an awful lot out of me. I’m only one person,” I sighed. “You have no idea how much of a grudge I have on Mable.”

“Look…I like you,” Bill begun. “I like you because we both have something in common: a mutual hatred for Mabel. You don’t feel it, but you’d be out for blood if it meant getting rid of her. We both have our reasons for wanting revenge. If you simply go to where she is, then we can both be rid of her.” He paused. I opened my mouth, thinking he had finished speaking.

“For good.”

A chill ran down my spine, and I felt a sense of satisfaction upon hearing him say that. I gathered in a huge breath and released it slowly.

“Okay I think I’m ready,” I announced.

Without waiting for a response, I started walking forward in the direction of the Mystery Shack. When I finally made it to the Shack, I climbed up the steps and stood before the door. I hesitated.

“Am I stealing something? Do you want me to steal something?” I asked, getting angry that I was nervous about entering the Shack. “Because it would be better if we just came back at night.”

“Don’t chicken out on me now,” Bill pleaded. “But that is an excellent question. Technically no, and practically yes.”

“What?” I responded.

“Technically you’re not physically stealing an object, but you are stealing something that will help us,” Bill explained.

“That made no sense…” I snorted.

“I know…” Bill grumbled. “Look…I just want you to go in there, so we can find the entrance to a secret bunker that Stand Pines has hidden somewhere in the Shack.”

“What is that going to do?” I questioned.

“That bunker holds information that will mess up my plans for the future. I need to get it and destroy it before they do ruin my plans,” Bill explained.

“So why can’t you just do it?” I queried.

“I already told you…” Bill murmured. “I can’t be seen in the physical world without a vessel. The only other option I have is entering Stan’s dreams and finding it, but you’d be surprised how secretive that guy is, and how good he is at hiding those secrets. Using your body, I can analyze what buttons he’s pressed on the secret entrance and get in.”

“Okay…last question,” I promised. “What information do you want to destroy?”

“Three journals that have findings of the mysteries of Gravity Falls as well as everything that’s in Stan’s bunker,” Bill answered.

“Journals?” I repeated. “You mean that old, weird book that nerd Dipper carries around with him everywhere?”

“Bingo,” Bill cackled.

“Alright!” I exclaimed. “I have no idea how I’m going to do this.”

“If Dipper is working now, he most likely doesn’t have his journal with him. You can start there. Sneak in through the back and get in the attic. His journal would be anywhere on his side of the room,” Bill instructed.

I nodded in response. Checking to make sure none of the Pines were around, I hurried around to the other side of the Mystery Shack. I stepped up to the door and reached for the knob. I twisted it, but the door was locked. I opened my mouth to complain, but Bill piped in before I could.

“Leave it to me,” He assured in a boastful voice.

He took control over my arm and put my hand on the doorknob. He was still for a minute, and I must have looked like a complete idiot. My thoughts were interrupted by a click. The knob twisted and the door opened. Checking once again to make sure the coast was clear, I slipped into the room and closed the door behind me.

There were voices and lots of louse noises behind the door on the other side of the room. I assumed that the actual gift shop was behind that door. I turned away from the door, knowing not to go there. I had no idea where to go.

“Go up those stairs. They should lead you to the attic,” Bill ordered.

I nodded and turned towards the stairs. I hurried as quietly as I could up them, but each stair creaked the second my foot touched it. I finally made it up the stairs. I hurried across the room and snuck into Dipper and Mabel’s room, making sure to be quiet.

Dipper’s side of the room was easily identifiable the moment I stepped into it. I walked over to his bed and searched around through it for the journal. I finally lifted his pillow and found it underneath it. I grabbed the journal and inspected it. It was just a busted up old book. What was so important about it?

“So…what are you going to do with this piece of junk?” I asked.

“We’ll keep it for now. Let’s get out of here before we get caught,” Bill replied.

Without warning me, Bill teleported me back to my room. I was hit by a small wave of nausea, but it wasn’t as bad as the first time. I sat down on my bed to let the dizziness pass, and I placed the journal down at my side.

“So you’re not just going to destroy it now?” I wondered.

“Yes, I have a plan for this,” Bill answered. “Leave it here for now. We’ll come back for the other things tonight.”

“Okay, but we can’t stay here. I said I wouldn’t be back until late,” I told him.

“Well what are we going to do ‘til then?” Bill pondered.

I smiled slyly. “We’re going to do whatever I want,” I laughed. “Take me to the mall.”

“No,” Bill refused.

“Yes,” I insisted.


“I’m calling off the deal then,” I declared.

“…Clever girl,” Bill chuckled. “I get the feeling we’re going to be good friends.”

The feeling of the world spinning under me came again, but I was already starting to get used to it. I arrived at the mall and was hit with a spell of dizziness that only lasted a few second. I was already starting to get used to teleporting.

The sun was setting by the time I stepped out of the mall. Bill had been silent the whole time. It wasn’t until he spoke that I remembered he was even there.

“Wow…” He exhaled. “I have never seen a bigger waste of time in my life.”

“It was better that sitting and doing nothing for like, eleven hours,” I pointed out.

“Yeah, yeah, okay wise girl,” Bill laughed sarcastically. “Let’s just get to the Mystery Shack and into that bunker,”

Bill teleported me back to my room. I picked up the journal and we teleported back to the Mystery Shack. I walked up to the door that I had snuck into earlier in the day. I was about to open the door when I heard footsteps on the other side of it. I jumped out of sight.

“Soos, I thought I told you to lock this door,” I heard Stan’s scratchy voice calling from the other side of the door.

“I did Mr. Pines,” Soos responded.

Stan hummed suspiciously, and I started to feel my heart pump faster. After a few more seconds, there were footsteps again that died away. I crawled back up to the door. I tried the knob, but Stan had locked it.

“That’s not going to work. Just teleport me to the gift shop,” I murmured to Bill.

“Too risky. We don’t know if anyone’s in there or not,” Bill warned.

“Just put me there. If it’s closed, I doubt anyone would be in there,” I ordered.

I heard Bill sigh before I was teleported to the gift shop. The lights were off in the shop, and no one was in sight. I heard footsteps rapping over the creaking stairs on the other side of a door across the room. I inched closer to the door as I heard muffled voices.

“Grunkle, Grunkle!” I heard Dipper’s cracking voice call hysterically.

“Whoa, where’s the fire?” Stan calmed.

“My journal’s missing!” Dipper announced, his panicked voice cracking again.

“Let’s hurry and find that bunker,” Bill ordered. “I’ll take over for now.” This time I allowed him to take over. He looked around the room for a while before resting his gaze on the vending machine. “Bingo.” He walked over to it.

“How are you going to find out the code?” I asked.

“I’ll look at the fingerprints on the buttons that have been pressed the most,” Bill explained.

“How do you know what order to press them in?” I questioned.

“There’s a certain way that the fingerprints are between the buttons pressed that I can just ell. It’s hard to explain, and it sounds dumb when I try,” Bill pointed out. I hummed in disbelief. I couldn’t tell if he was bluffing or not.

Without any further explanation, Bill reached out and punched the code into the vending machine. As soon as he finished, the side of the machine turned, acting as a door into another room. I nodded stiffly. He hadn’t been bluffing. Bill gave me my body back and I squeezed through the crack the machine had made.

“Make sure you close the door,” Bill reminded me. I turned around and pulled the door closed.

I walked down the stairs through a narrow hallway. We were both silent as we looked around at the old machinery surrounding us. We reached the end of the hallway. All that was there was an old elevator. Bill took over my arm and pried open another keypad mounted on the wall to the side of the elevator. He entered the code and the elevator doors creaked open. I walked in, and the doors slammed shut.

The ride down was quiet and a little awkward. My heart was racing in anticipation for what might come next. Was I really going to get my revenge on Mabel? I heard the elevator clang on the ground, and the doors opened. Bill laughed as the room was revealed.

“The portal…” Bill sighed ominously. I looked to see that there was a giant upside-down metal triangle with a blurry blue circle in the middle of it. I assumed it was the portal.

I walked forward to the end of the room, where there was a control panel mounted to a wall. The wall stood in between me and the portal. There was a door along the side that I could enter to get to the portal. I looked down at the control panel to see the other two journals sitting on it. I pulled out the third one and placed it next to the other two.

“So what are you going to do to destroy these?” I asked.

“I’ll answer that in about three seconds,” Bill answered. “Three, two…” I heard footsteps behind me. Suddenly without warning, Bill took over my body. “One…”

“I should have known it was-“ Bill turned me around before Stan could finish. I looked to see Mabel, Dipper, and Stand standing before me with shocked looked on their faces.

“Pacifica?!” Mabel exclaimed.

“Guess again, Shooting Star,” Bill laughed.

No one responded. I could tell from the shock and terror on their faces that they couldn’t. Bill reached back and grabbed Dipper’s journal. He lifted it in the air to show Dipper and pointed my finger underneath it. A small blue flame exploded from the end of my finger. I couldn’t help but feel satisfied when I saw the looked of pure horror on Dipper’s face.

“Looking for this, Pine Tree?” Bill taunted.

“Why are you doing this Pacifica?” Mabel asked, daring to speak.

“You’ve been thorns in our sides ever since you came here,” Bill responded, speaking for both of us. “This is the time we get rid of you for good.”

Bill moved my finger up to the corner of the journal. Before the flame could catch onto the end of the journal, Dipper leaped forward and tackled me to the ground. The journal bounced out of my hand and skidded across the ground.

“Mabel! Get the journal!” Dipper ordered, wrestling down my arm.

Bill reached up my other arm, attempting to shoot a fireball at him. He dodged it by barely an inch. Distracted by the other attack, h was unable to dodge a punch that Bill swung at him. Dipper toppled to the side, and Bill scrambled to his feet. Before Mabel could get the journal, Bill dove for it and rolled across the ground.

“Watch the hair!” I yelled to Bill.

“We don’t have time to stay clean you perfectionist!” Bill barked back. He tore the scarf off my neck and took the earrings off. He threw them to the ground. Mabel, Dipper, and Stan all split up and started running towards us.

“Get that journal back no matter what!” Dipper instructed.

“Don’t let them get that journal!” I warned Bill.

“I know their plan, and there’s no way they’ll be able to pull it off,” Bill reassured.

All three of them leaped at me at the same time. Bill teleported me out of the way before they got me. Before Mabel crashed into the other two, she turned on her heel and lunged at me. Bill was unable to respond quickly enough as she knocked him over, wrestling for the journal. They rolled across the ground, fighting for the book and tearing holes through my outfit.

I’m going to kill that guy, I grumbled in my head, folding my arms over my chest.

I was so distracted by the mess Bill was making of my clothes that I hadn’t noticed that Mabel had managed to pin me down. She had the journal as well. Stan and Dipper ran up. They all put their hands on my forehead and Dipper started chanting strange words. Their pupils disappeared and their eyes started glowing blue.

After a long explosion-like noise and a blinding blue light, I suddenly found myself standing on a barren gray platform that felt like stone. The area around me was just a canvas of blue and purple with occasional white stars twinkling in it. I looked to see that Stan, Mabel, Dipper, and Bill were all here too.

“Where are we?” I asked Bill.

“We’re in your mind,” Bill replied.

“Gross,” I snorted. “Why are we here?”

“To exact your revenge,” Bill answered.

He reached at his side and pulled his arm forward, as if drawing an invisible sword. To my surprise, a shiny obsidian sword materialized in his balled up fist. He pointed it at the three Pines. They all made a move, but Bill stopped them.

“You can only choose one weapon to combat with,” He ordered. “That way, it’s fair.”

Dipper looked at his hand, and his own sword formed in his hand. Stan summoned a bow and arrow. Mabel made a dagger. It was my turn. I looked down at my hand and imagined a diamond sword. Immediately, the sword formed in my hand. Bill opened his free palm and the journals appeared, floating in a large bubble above his palm.

“Winner gets the journals,” Bill explained. He let the bubble float high in the sky. “May the best man…or woman…win.”

He’s treating this like it’s a game. This is a real battle! I thought. “Bill! What do you think you’re doing?!” I yelled to him. “You’re going to get me killed!”

“Can’t die in the dreamscape kid,” Bill assured.

Suddenly, one of Stan’s arrows whizzed past Bill, nearly hitting his arm. I turned towards the Pines to see that they were running towards us. The battle had already started.

Dipper thrust his sword forward towards me. I deflected it by swinging my sword up and feigning him back. While I had an opening, I swung my sword at him. Dipper pulled his sword forward and blocked the swing. I pulled back and reared for another swing, but Dipper swiftly blocked it as well. I heard the crack of Stan’s bow string. I looked up and dodged the arrow a second before it hit me. I jumped back as Dipper took a swing at me, taking advantage of the distraction. This was going to be tricky. Having to watch out for one person’s attacks was already difficult enough. I was going to have to find a way to take one of them down.

While I was thinking, Dipper took advantage and swung at me again. I barely blocked it and parried it back. I couldn’t let him stay on the offensive for long. Swinging my sword over my head, I charged forward. I thrust my sword down on Dipper, and he blocked it easily, taking the bait. While he was focused on my sword, I kicked him to the ground. The sword flew out of his hand, skidding across the ground. I towered over Dipper, raising my sword up. I swung the sword down at him for a final blow. Before my blade could meet him, Mabel suddenly jumped in between the two of us. There was the earsplitting squeak of metal against metal, and all of the momentum of my swing was ruined. I looked to see that Mabel had somehow managed to block the blade of my sword with the hilt of her dagger.

“Leave him alone! Your fight is with me!” Mabel barked, thrusting her arm forward and feigning my blade back. I stumbled back. When I found my balance, I faced Mabel with my sword at the ready.

Mabel obviously was better at using the dagger than she looked. To win, I would have to use strategy. If she had any hope of getting me, she would need to get close. I would have to keep her away. Suddenly, she lunged forward, slashing her dagger at me. I swiftly ducked under her attack. I felt the blade of the dagger slice at my shrug. Before Mabel could pull back, I grabbed her arm, spun her around, and shoved her to the ground. Mabel stumbled, but managed to stay on her feet. I jumped forward at her, swinging my sword down on her. She turned around and held her dagger up just as my blade met it. She managed to block it, but the force of my strike tripped her and she crashed to the ground.

I hurried forward with the sword at the ready for a finishing blow. I heard the string of Stan’s bow crack. A second later, a sharp pain split through my arm. Exclaiming, I put my hand where the pain was. Stan’s arrow had only grazed my arm, but it was already bleeding profusely.

Can’t die in the dreamscape my foot, I growled in my head. I leaped back as Mabel slashed at me again. To my surprise, she lunged forward again and slashed her dagger. I fell to the side. The dagger’s blade slammed into my hair, tearing and tangling it. I caught myself before I hit the ground and faced Mabel.

“Right behind you,” I heard Bill whisper to me. Mabel charged forward. Just before she could swipe her dagger at me, I dodged to the side. Bill appeared behind me, slashing his sword at Mabel. Dipper leaped onto Bill and wrestled his arm back, stifling his strike. Bill only managed to get a clean cut on the sleeve of Mabel’s sweater. Bill reached up and pried Dipper off his shoulders. He pulled Dipper above his shoulder and threw him to the ground with a hard smack.

I lunged at Mabel, swinging my sword again. She skillfully blocked it again, managing to lock my blade again with the hilt of her dagger. She barely twitched her wrist, and my sword flew out of my hands. Without my weapon, Mabel had a huge advantage. Without hesitation, Mabel started slashing her dagger at me. Putting all of my concentration into her moves, I started dodging the blade. I searched for an opening, but she was moving too fast.

Suddenly, she faked an attack. Unable to respond fast enough, the dagger slashed across my belly; to my luck, mostly only tearing through my tank top. Angry, I leaped at Mabel and tackled her to the ground. The dagger bounced out of her hand. I wrestled her arms back, pinning her to the ground. Mabel struggled under me, but I had the advantage. I heard the snap of Stan’s bow string again. I looked to see that the arrow was coming straight at me. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to dodge it, I braced for its impact.

Bill jumped in front of me. I heard the clang of metal against metal. A second later, the arrow bounced to the ground. Bill charged forward, ramming into Stan. The bow flew out of his hands. As it fell, Bill swung his sword and cut the bow’s string. As Stan stumbled back, Bill kicked my sword to me. I grabbed my sword and pulled back to slam it on Mabel. A heavy weight suddenly crashed into my side and knocked me to the side. I looked to see that Dipper had tackled me. Before he could pin me down, I kicked him off of me. I scrambled to my feet just as Mabel rushed past me and dove for her dagger. When she got it, she pointed the blade upward and threw it. I followed the blade and looked to see that she was aiming for the journals. The dagger sliced through the bubbled and it popped. All three journals plopped on the ground a few feet in front of me.

“Don’t let them get the journals! If they do, then it’s all over!” Bill yelled to me. Mabel shot me a quick glance before racing for the journals. I dashed after her, flanking far out to the left. Just before she could dive for a journal, I rammed into her. She went flying to the side and skidded across the ground.

I turned around. Dipper glanced at me and Mabel before charging for the journals. He turned sharply to the right and skittered towards the journals. I wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Thinking fast, I kicked my sword towards him and kicked the journals away. Unable to stop, Dipper crashed to the ground as the hilt of my sword rammed into his toe. Keeping a close eye out, I ran for my sword. When I picked it up, Stan, Mabel, and Dipper were all on their feet facing the journals. I took off after the journals. Someone grabbed my arm and pulled me back. I toppled to the ground. Mabel and Dipper took off in front of me. I skittered to my feet and chased after them.

Bill charged forward, shoving Stan with all his strength. Stan flew forward into Mabel and Dipper. I hurried forward to avoid a collision. Dipper and Stan slammed into each other and crashed to the ground. Mabel managed to dodge it. I raced after her. I swung my sword at her as she dove for the journals. Time seemed to slow as she reached forward and I put all of my force into the swing. The moment my blade met her side was the same moment she touched the journal. My sword shattered and a bright white light blinded me and obscured my vision.

I woke with a jolt in my bed. Breathing heavily, I looked felt and right to see that I was in my room. All of that hadn’t been a dream, had it? I jumped out of my bed. A sharp pain split through my arm and stomach. I looked down to see that the wounds I’d gotten in the battle were present, and they were bandaged up. Hope fluttered in my chest as I realized it hadn’t been a dream. I could have a second chance to get my revenge!

“Bill?!” I called. There was no answer. My heart slowed. “…Bill..?” He was gone.

Angrily, I slammed my hand on a vanity in the corner of my room. The hit caused makeup and jewelry on it to rattle. Some even crashed to the ground. I was so close, and Mabel had again ruined my plans. And I had also lost the one person who seemed capable of helping me reach that goal.

“Next time…I won’t be such a pushover…” I growled, my voice starting to sound more nasally. I looked in the mirror of my vanity. One of my eyes was nothing but a slit pupil, and bloody triangle was around the same eye.

“Next time…”